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Adding a Project, I need to add a simple project
I just downloaded Bitrix24 today. Initially I was optimistic but after searching everywhere i can find no option to add a new project. I also can find no where to set my password despite following their online guide. However, thats another story.

Heres what I expected to find in this package. A simple interface that would have a big shinny button with the words 'add new project' written on it. After adding my new project I would then expect to find another button saying something like " add a task to your project'. But hell no..I can only find a few on line guides blathering on about adding projects by doing something with work groups blah blah.

My company uses todoist team version for internal communication and we find it excellent. However, I need something simple to add out projects and display a simple gantt chart. The chart will show us the tasks related to each project with timescales etc as i'm sure you all know. Its this basic graphic feature i am after but its not already built into todoist. I have searched for a simple plugin to no avail. My company uses gsuite from google and this may be another option if google produce something that will link/integrate with their calendar.

Anyway i'm giving this product another few hours before its down the

Off course any advice greatly appreciated.
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