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Phone field with no data after lead creation using api
I'm running into some trouble here, according to bitrix api documentation this method:

BX24.callMethod( "crm.lead.add",
   "TITLE": "FatJoint LLC",
   "NAME": "Paul",
   "SECOND_NAME": "A.",
   "LAST_NAME": "Nibot",
   "STATUS_ID": "NEW",
   "OPENED": "Y",
   "OPPORTUNITY": 12500,
   "PHONE": [ { "VALUE": "555888", "VALUE_TYPE": "WORK" } ]
   else"Created a new lead, ID=" +;

should create a new lead, and it does but the PHONE field is not working, i always get "not specified" after the lead creation,
is there any change on the api that i'm not aware of?
Edited: Norge Vizcay - 07/06/2017 13:08:05
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