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Delete account in order to add to another instance, Delete account in order to add to another instance
Is there a way to delete a account at all?

I was trialing Bitrix using my personal Gmail account, and have really liked it, and in my testing processes created a second account using my company email address.

As all of the administration portion of the Bitrix24 company intranet was created using the gmail address, I am looking to change the admin email to the company email address.

This is not possible as it says there is another account with that email, so now I am stuck.

All of the work up to this point was done using the Gmail account, but I want to transfer over to the company email address, and unless I delete the account this cannot be done.

Your support page stipulates this: [URL=][/URL]
[QUOTE]Please note: when your Bitrix24 account is deleted, your Bitrix24 Network ID (your login & [URL=]Bitrix24 Network profile page[/URL]) stays so that you can come back in future & create new Bitrix24 accounts.

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