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Country Code Requirement, Simple fix for this problem
I also think this is [B]very cumbersome[/B]. There should be a way to default set your county code so you don't always have to enter it. You could go around the VoxImplant API (if it doesn't provide a way to do so) and in your system automatically add the country code prefix. You could do this in the code in your applications and/or database side of the CRM.

Actually, now that I'm looking at the VoxImplant API it is completely possible to automatically set the county code prefix to the phone number. You can also automatically convert numbers entered to international format within the API. Even if the API didn't provide a way, your software still has to pass the phone number to the method in which, you could pre-attach a county code to it before passing the number to the method, if you implemented a way to set a default country code. You could even go as far as just changing the data within the JSON object sent or returned.

I'm also a software engineer by trade and very familiar with implementing APIs.

[URL=][/URL] go to section "AttachPhoneNumber"
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