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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
I've posted in other threads about some features that would be much appreciated in Bitrix. I'm pushing Bitrix to be the our new PM solutions, but I'm finding it hard to manage tasks without the reordering feature. I try the "My sorting" option, just to find that the changes I make are lost as soon as I change the page, what's the point on having the option then?
This is also true when I set dependencies on tasks, I set them in the Gantt view and change page, they're lost. Is this a bug?

As another member said before, a nice and polite reply is worth nothing if after 5 years we haven't provide a solid response/solution on this. What's the point on "hearing" your customer if nothing happens?

I work in a 125K+ Employee company so we would definitely get the highest plan, but without this features and, even worse, without knowing that our provider actually listens and take care of our concerns I don´t think we could use the platform.

I guess we would have to choose Zoho. Too bad, since I truly loved Bitrix24 so far. I guess you haven't lost that many customers due to this and that's why you have ignored this huge issue, probably you´re much more used as a CRM tool than PM.
Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance, Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance
This would be really helpful
Workgroup Template

This would be extremely useful!
We have a lot of projects with the same tasks and flows, we´re currently covering with template tasks and subtasks, but copying a whole workgroup would be better.
Start a Task and move it to In Progress, Is there a way to automate the steps?
I've been working with Bitrix for 2 weeks now, and it is amazing, I'm pushing it to be the project management tool globally at the company.
Having said that, I'm still learning about everything it can do. I wanna know if there is a way to automate some things

Is there a way to automatically move tasks to stages:
If I hit start, move it to "In Progress", if I hit "Finish", move it to "Finished".

Is this possible?
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