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Reporting - Tasks - Custom Fields, Is it possible to create reports and include Custom Fields?
Hi Yana,

I'm trying to do exactly the same thing, as both Heing and Samo above - i.e. create simply Issue Management within Bitrix using Task data (custom fields) that can be shown within the Reports.  

Essentially - Issue Management within Bitrix would be very useful.  

If you decide not to implement Task custom fields within reports, could you consider implementing a set of static 'Issue Management' fields that the user could choose to include within the Tasks form.   This would add high value functionality with very little work and allow you to market Issue Management functionality within Bitrix24.

I would suggest a simple set of additional fields such as:

Issue Title  (short text)
Issue Description  (text)
Issue Criticality (1-5)
Comments  (text)
Target Resolution Date
Release Number

Order of tasks / Subtasks
Hi there,

I am evaluating Bitrix24 for my company.  Does drag and drop task functionality exist?  I have a trial of the cloud version?

I cannot find the Sort By "Custom" option.

A previous user mentions that you can change the order but this does not get saved.  

Please could you clarify.  

Many thanks,
Tasks templates
[QUOTE]Heather Huber wrote:
Have you implemented creating templates for Workgroups in Bitrix yet?[/QUOTE]
I would definitely support this request.  Service organisations often deliver similar projects time after time according to a standard methodology.  In such cases, there are huge benefits of being able to deploy a standardised workgroup template.
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