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How do I access the 30 days free support on a new free account?
When I go into the support area, it seems to suggest that if I search for "Bitrix24 Support" in the chat area, I should find the chat bot or person I should comunicate with to request support during the 30 days of support to get up and running. But when I search for this, nothing is found. Please advise on the best and easiest way to get a hold of support, so I can make the best of the 30 day period when I can get some help. Thank you.
CRM form HTML code generates iFrame that is too small to fit form, When I try to insert the Bitrix generated HTML code for a form, not all of the form is visible
I initially asked for help from Xara, as I am using their product to design the web page. They said:

"The issue your having is actually with the code generated by your Bitrix code,
you will need to forward this issue onto them to look into, as we cannot
advise. Simply put your code is generating an iFrame inside the Placeholder,
and this iFrame's height is 526px, which is too small for the actual form and
so it gets cut off."

Please advise if this is a bug in Bitrix, or if there is something I need to do, to cause the iFrame created by the Bitrix form code, to provide sufficient height to fit all of the form.

Thank you,

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