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Extranet, Where has my extranet gone?
Extranet function seems to be gone. All groups formerly in extranet are now intranet - can't invite anyone who is not an employee. Please advise.

Thank you
Iphone users having problems accessing the site, Iphone users are having trouble accessing the site through their phones
I've had a few of my extranet members tell me they can't get on Bitrix through their Iphones. What can I do to help them resolve this issue? Some of them don't have computers, only the Iphone, so that is their only means of using the site.

Thank you,
Extranet user problem, Extranet user created a new profile with his email address, but now he isn't connected to our network
I sent an invitation to an Extranet user, he accepted. Then he changed his email address and somehow created a new profile that is not connected to our network. Now he can't login to our network, even though he is listed as a member of our Extranet group. I tried deleting that member and inviting him again, but it won't allow me to do that with the email address since he used it to create the new profile that is not connected to our network. I have no idea what to do now. Can you help?
Thanks, SD
Can't find extranet users on mobile app, Extranet users not appearing in list on mobile app when trying to add particpants/observers, etc.
When I try to add a particpant/observer, etc. using the mobile app, I cannot seem to choose any extranet users. The only users that appear in my list of options are the intranet users. How can I select extranet users as particpants/observers, etc. on the mobile app?
Thanks, SD
Cannot add Participant, Extranet member cannot be added as Participant in Extranet Group
I cannot figure out how to add an extranet member as a participant for a task in their extranet group.
They are a member, but they do not show up as an option when I am selecting participants. I cannot choose them as the person responsible, either. Even when I search their name, it does not come up. However, when I look at the member's list in that group, they are listed there.
What am I missing? Why isn't this extranet member showing up as an option for selection when I'm trying to add him as a participant, observer, person responsible, etc.?

Thanks in advance,
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