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General quote editing questions, Questions regarding templates, formats, etc
The quote section is potentially a great feature, but currently because of it's restrictions I can't use it. I have the same issues as Luis Miguel and also have some additional comments.

[*]I would like to add a comments section to the product table in the quote. In my business (logistics) there are always a lot of comments regarding the different types of pricing (one comment per product), which we would like to add in the same table on the most right column.
[*]I also dislike the space between each comment line, it would be better to have one big comment box (wysiwyg or just text file) where a user can add all comments at once.
[/LIST]Hope this can be solved soon, as this is essential for us to move our CRM to Bitrix24.

Export tasks to excel
Support told me it is impossible to export sub tasks, is there any solution for this or is this on the roadmap?

To be honest, I'm quite disappointed by the PM part of Bitrix24. There are too many problems to actually use this properly and replace other often used tools, e.g. Trello (task management), MS Project (Gantt), Slack (collaboration), Basecamp (PM and file management), etc.
Exporting Gantt Chart
Me too! i hope it will be delivered soon.
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
The problem still exists and nobody has responded yet. The sorting is useless if everything changes back after one other action. The gantt chart is not really a Gantt chart and instead of making PM easier, it just becomes a confusion process with tasks and deadlines all over the place.

Is there any plan to improve this?
How to get rid of Fill out profile -taskes?
I have the same problem and it's two years later now. These tasks are still here and it seems like you can still not change, delete or add any. Is there any solution?
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