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Please help with real estate sales question
Hi there,
I am real estate agent and want to use Bitrix24 for my business. My business workflow is:
[*]I get leads from different sources: referral, Open house, cold prospecting etc
[*]I follow up with the leads using phone, email, text, in person
[*]When a lead decides to buy or sell, I will move them from lead to client (showing houses or listing properties)
[*]When the property is sold or the buyer buys the property the deal is closed and they become past clients
[/LIST]My questions are:
[*]How can I enter each property that is being sold or bought as a deal that attach to a client?
[*]Currently the system adds every email that comes to mail box as a deal. I don't want to use this feature and I would like to add all deals manually for now. How can turn off email lead insertion?
[/LIST]Thank you
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