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Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
1. Ideally you want the State and Country to be lookup fields.     Most people don't know state abbreviations.  We prefer to  use the whole state and country name in the lookups.    We can convert when doing mailings from Ohio to OH  or  Maine to MA  pretty easily.   There are many states with similar abbreviations.   When you have multiple people entering data it is best to standardize.  Food for thought in your development efforts.

Here is an example from another CRM solution we have looked at
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
I am an administrator for our account.        

[B]What we experienced:[/B]
1. I created CRM --> Settings --> Custom Fields for Company and Contacts (Settings)  I created about 30 custom fields.
2. Then i went to CRM --> Companies --> Went into one record (Company)  Actions --> Edit
3. Once in Edit mode my custom fields were not visible so ... I went in to Form Settings and created a custom view.    This was great I go everything setup the way I wanted.  I would save my changes jump back to the edit form ... see how it looked... Jump back to Form Settings make some more adjustments.  Everything was just how I liked it.   (Except for Bug 1 below - could not get the tabs working so I gave up on that.  No Tabs)  See Issue 2.    Once done with my form settings I saved the changes.   Great!    So I sent an invite to one of my colleagues here at work.  A new user.  I went to show them this awesome new tool.   I told the new person to go add a new company.  When they did so they were not able to see my form settings that I made in my account.  Their new account was defaulting back to the default view.  [B][COLOR=#0000ff]We need each user to default to the custom view created by the administrator. [/COLOR][/B] Why: Because there are lots of fields we do not need and lots of custom fields we do need. Is there a way to force users to use the custom view? With about 30 custom fields it took about 20 minutes to set up the look and feel of the design. We need a way to lock this in for our users.

1. CRM --> Companies --> Went into one record (Company)  Actions --> Edit
CRM --> Contacts --> Went into one record (Contact)  Actions --> Edit
We need each user to default to the custom view created by the administrator.  Not the default view.   Thank you.  :)

2 Tabs do not appear to be working.  (I place a bunch of custom fields in a new tab and when I went back to the form there was no tabs.. Not sure how those  works  (Maybe this is still in development). Form Settings -->  I tried to add tabs   (Those do not appear to work  --- added some of my customer fields )  

3. Address Fields Example  (We need these in their own field  (When you go to do a mailing we need to provide a a proper database table for the mailing agency.  They do not want paragraph address blocks.    Plus we need to be able to filter by state, zip, city, country.

Hopefully this is valid feedback for your development team in Beta.   We can not commit to your solution until this issue is resolved.  This is a show stopper!   Wonderful solutions.  Looking forward to checking back shortly to see an update.  Cheers!
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
I have been using your product know for about an hour setting up everything for a live beta.  Everything looks great except for the address blocks.    

Separate fields would be ideal.   When we go to do mailings we can't parse the data from multiple users with poor data entry habits.  Data entry is all about getting the right information in the correct fields.    Example, we need to filter customer by state, zip code, city,

State   (Force a lookup list)  Alabama, Pennsylvania, ETC
Country  (Force a lookup list) United States, Mexico, Canada, Etc.

Thank you for making this a reality in your next release.  We are looking forward to using your web application.:)
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