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Cloud Version - Folder Disposition, Disposition of Folder Dropdown
After reading through some more of the forum posts, I've noticed that a drive for each company placed in the CRM is possibly in the works for a future distribution of Bitrix. This will work out great for my company if we can have access to the folders, just as we can within the other drives (workgroup drive, Company Drive, etc.). Will a CRM specific company's drive be available in the next version, or at least upcoming soon? If not, is it possible to create drives like that for the Self Hosted versions? I'm assuming it would be since the code source is available.
Cloud Version - Folder Disposition, Disposition of Folder Dropdown
Hello. Is there a way to add a disposition to a folder to the cloud version. In our company we have print jobs that have many dispositions as they are processed. We have created folders for each job and my superiors would like to know the disposition of that job at any time. We would like to be able to change the disposition from one state to another...for example: A dropdown menu that has the following statuses listed for the folder:

Waiting on Vendor Proof
Order on Hold
Order Cancelled
Tracking Number sent to client

I don't see any way to add statuses to the document fields or folders, but there is a status view in the folder view...Any way to change folder statuses or any way to add dispositions to this view?

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