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delete an invitation? delete users?

How can the employee delete himself as an employee? He has been dismised alredy but  still has his Bitrix to delete it?

Edited: Jener Lauriano - 06/20/2014 19:22:31
Wiki Index Page
I am having the same issue or maybe it's not an issue but its just the way the app is set up.

I was able to create categories, but it's very confusing. Why not just create categories first and the allow to post articles in it? And the when clicking on WIKI it would should the categories. That should be the WIKI index it's just the latest article/page there . I have to click on category link from there to see other categories and go from there....makes no sense to me.

My first day using the app and I found it amazing....this is the only complaint I have so far.

Great work.
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