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Confusing Payment Systems
Please explain the following points about Quote and Invoice templates:

- The yellow highlighted fields in the attached images are never displayed on the PDF. Why have it as an option in the first place?
- The red circled fields have no label and are quite confusing.

I had hoped that this was an error you have already spotted but its been months now and wasn't fixed in the last update, which was unannounced and caused us problems for over 1 hour with no access. You also never provide any details on what updates were made and what is different.
Is it possible to use a Business Process for a Deal to update a field for a Company record?
Is it possible to use a Business Process for a Deal to upd ate a field for a Company record?

For example, when a deal is created, we want to automatically upd ate a selection list for the attached company.

The following is what I have se t up, however, it does not work!

1. Deal Business Process : See image 1 below. This Deal process calls a Company Process.
2. Company Business Process : See image 2 below. This updates the 'Company Type' field.

The first process runs, but no update is performed on the company.

Is it possible for me to se t up this feature correctly?
Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?, what do the different currencies actually do in Bitrix24 and how I can use them
Just some feedback since my last post nearly 2 years ago.

Currently, what we do is this:
[*]A PDF can easily be made in any currency for quotes, so there is no issue here.
[*]For invoices, we now only issue invoices at the end of the month. This way, we create all invoices in the default currency together, then change the settings and invoice in other currencies together.

It is not the most idea solution but it means we don't need to keep changing settings every time we want to invoice in a foreign currency. We only do that once a month in bulk.

Although, its saddening to hear that after 2 years this is still an issue that has seen no progress.
Fix for Creating Invoices, double click the SAVE button, the invoice gets saved twice
When creating a new invoice, if you double click the SAVE button, the invoice gets saved twice!
Obviously we should only click the button once, but sometimes people double click by mistake.

I suggest you make a quick and easy fix using the JavaScript / JQuery [B][I]jQuery.fn.preventDoubleSubmission[/I][/B] function.
Clock-in and Clock-out Option missing, How to fix missing clock in and clock out from dashboard
So cumbersome...

These two pages link to each other so I was going round in circles trying to find out how to use HR tools.

Nothing mentions only available in Professional plan either....
Which quotes require my attention? I can't figure it out.
See those red numbers in the CRM Top Tabs?
What does the Quotes one relate to?

Your website says"The red counters advise how many CRM items deserve your attention at the moment", but I can't find any logical way of understanding this for Quotes.

For example, a user has 1 pending activity and another user has 3 pending activities.
However, since quotes don't have activities, this must relate to a status. Am I correct?
But, for the two users, I can't figure out which status this relates to.

Please advise!
Unable to filter dismissed employees
When an Employee gets dismissed from the company, their access to Bitrix is removed but all tasks, messages, etc stay intact.

Another employee is unable to filter Companies / Deals / Quotes / Invoices for this dismissed user,

How do we recover this information? I have had to re-Hire this person again so that we can see their stuff.

Please advise on the best option to take :)
Chat Feature Administration
Is there any way to turn off, or limit the features of chat?
I don't want my employees wasting their day chatting to each other all the time.
Stop administrator email in CC when sending emails.
Sorry, maybe I explain bad!

See my screenshot!
In a company record, for example, I can click on the saved email address.  This opens a new email in my Outlook app and has the 'TO' field filled with that address. The 'CC' is filled out with another address.  This CC address comes from the CRM "Send&Save E-mail Integration Parameters", which cannot be removed because the field is required.
Stop administrator email in CC when sending emails.
When I click on a 'mailto' email address in Bitrix24, a new email message opens in my Outlook app with the email address already in the TO field.

In CC is the email address we have as "E-mail of the site administrator" in settings.

Is there any way to stop this address from being populated into CC ?
As it stands for us, this address gets lots of emails into it which we simply just delete each time.
Pagenation Redevelopment?
Is it any different in the paid version? Because this started happening when you moved some free features to a paid plan. (like history)
Pagenation Redevelopment?
I previously read a topic here about pagenation on Bitrix, but I can't find the topic any more!

Since your last update, Bitrix24 changed the way pagenation displays on the page.
I am under the assumption this was done to increase the speed at which pages load.

However, my colleagues always ask me if this will revert back to the old view.
The reason is simple:
When viewing a list of companies, the user wants to skip ahead to page 10 of the list results.  The only way they can do this is to click 'next' multiple times until they reach page 10.
In the past, they could simply just click the '10' link, which is now removed.

Please highlight this as a usability issue.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 11/23/2015 18:23:14
Remove the COPY link please!, It's too easy to click the 'copy' link instead of 'edit' by mistake.
Problem: It's too easy to click the 'copy' link instead of 'edit' by mistake.

Resolution: I simply would like to see the 'copy' button added to the 'more' dropdown menu.

Result: Less of a chance you will accidentally create a copy of the record. Which can become quiet annoying!!
Overview of Telephony Services Provided
I have been looking into using Bitrix Telephony services with our company.
After evaluating the 4 different telephony options which Bitrix provides, I have compiled the following summaries of each option.

Can you please confirm that the information below is correct!?
[B][U]Options for Bitrix Telephony[/U][/B]

[B]Connect Your Number[/B]
[*]This option connects my desk phone number with Bitrix. (not the phone itself)
[*]When I make a call through Bitrix, the customer sees my desk phone number in their caller ID.
[*]I get charged for outgoing calls by Bitrix.
[*]Bitrix and the desk phone itself are not connected with each other.

[B]Rent A Number[/B]
[*]I can rent 1 (one) number from my countries telephone provider via Bitrix for a monthly fee.
[*]The number can have an unlimited amount of extensions. (1 per Bitrix user).
[*]Users make and receive calls via Bitrix, Bitrix Desktop app or Bitrix mobile app.
[*]This option is not available in Germany.

[*]SIP connector costs $40/mo
[*]We can have a SIP phone set-up for each user, but
[*]Only 5 SIP phones can simultaneously be connected (I'm not entirely sure what this even means, since the calls will be routed through our ISP telephony providor ??)
[*]The SIP connection can connect to most soft-phone software, VoIP desk phones and supported PBX systems.
[*]Call charges will be managed by our telephone service provider.
[*]This connection basically allows me to make a call via my SIP phone by clicking on a number in Bitrix. It also shows me information on Bitrix when my phone rings. correct?
[B]SIP phone and softphone support[/B]
[*]100% free (SIP connector not required)
[*]Number rental not required
[*]This allows me to connect each Bitrix user to a SIP phone.
[*]I can click a number in Bitrix and my SIP phone will dial out.
[*]I am not sure really what the difference between this and the SIP connector is.

Further to this, the "Rent A Number" and "SIP PBX" options have the following features:
[*]Set phone hours
[*]Greeting/On Hold/Voicemail recordings
[*]Call transfer & forwarding
[*]Call queues
[*]Black list

If there is anything I have missed or incorrect information, please advise.
We are upgrading our current Skype & ISDN Landline methods and trying to find the best solution for us.
CRM Access Permissions, Users cant see ANYTHING for their subdepartment and can only see themselves...
Hi Yana,

The helpdesk is looking into it.

Cant see all the companies assigned to a user
I am glad this issue is resolved with the latest update of Bitrix24.

One thing that I can say though is that it would be great if the new feature supports the pagination numbers like it used to.
Unfortunately now we can't skip ahead to another page, we have to click the 'next' button multiple times.

See my screenshot. It shows that the number for the next page only shows each time you click next.
CRM Access Permissions, Users cant see ANYTHING for their subdepartment and can only see themselves...
=== BUMP ===

No response from Fourm or Trouble Ticket.
CRM Access Permissions, Users cant see ANYTHING for their subdepartment and can only see themselves...
Hi Yana,

So the Purchasing department is working fine... because the "Employee Purchaser" role is set to see ALL deals and quotes.

The "Employee Buddy" role is the problem. It is set to show "Personal, department and subdepartments".  This does not seem to work correctly though.
[QUOTE]For example:
Patrycja and Adelaide are in Sales Team Alpha and therefore should see ALL quotes and deals assigned to Patrycja and Adelaide.

Patrycja has 67 deals and can also see 6 deals for Adelaide.
Adelaide has 68 deals and can also see 2 deals for Patrycja.

Patrycja has 14 quotes and can also see 0 quotes for Adelaide.
Adelaide has 16 quotes and can also see 1 quote for Patrycja.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]Similarly, Sales Team Bravo consists of Peter and Danae.

Peter has 175 deals and can also see 1 deals for Danae.
Danaehas 4 deals and can also see 4 deals for Peter.

Peter has 30 quotes and can also see 0 quotes for Danae.
Danaehas 2 quotes and can also see 0 quote for Peter.[/QUOTE]

So I am confused as to why the full list is not available.  The dates of the deals/quotes do not seem to have any significance, as it appears that some deals created before the access permissions were changed can be seen.  Also, I notice that it is not always the most recent deals that can be seen.
CRM Access Permissions, Users cant see ANYTHING for their subdepartment and can only see themselves...
I am having awful problems trying to give correct CRM access permissions to departments and employees and I can't resolve the problem.  I have read [URL=]Access Permissions in CRM[/URL] but it didn't help.

The company structure is split into two departments, one which has many subdepartments. (See screenshot 'Capture1.png').
What I want to do is let members of subdepartments be able to see all deals and reqs for all employees within that subdepartment.

On the access permissions page, I have basically created a 'Sales Department Group' (See screenshot 'Capture2.png'),
and assigned them permissions so they can read, add and upd ate personal, departments and subdepartments (See screenshot 'Capture3.png').

Everything seems to be set up correct and there seems to be no conflicts where a user is assigned two access permissions.

However, for some users, he/she cant see ANYTHING for their subdepartment and can only see themselves.
For other users, they only see the MOST RECENT OPEN deal or quote for their subdepartment. (See screenshot 'Capture4.png').

I am not sure why this is happening and I can't resolve the situation unless I se t access permissions to 'All', which I do not want to do....

Can you help me out??
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
[QUOTE]Cang Ta wrote:
Hi Alexey, could I use DocDesigner to change Quotes template? I checked but it seems I can't?


I "modified" quotes and invoices as best I could using the CRM > Settings > Payment & Invoices.  I uploaded a background image (full screen) which had our company logo and other such text information on it.  It helped us because we needed to put information on the document which was not available by default.  This only helps though if the information doesnt change on a quote-to-quote basis.

So, we created multiple payment types (depending on what information we wanted to display)  Here is a sample of what I uploaded for one of them:

It might help

Is there any schedule for development work on invoices?, Invoices, invoices everywhere, but no adequate billing system! :P
Is there any news / development schedule on when Invoices will be improved?  We all know there are many features missing from them.

My most recent issue is that we can not run business processes on Invoices.  We would like this so that we can send notifications to supervisor / responsible when a specific event occurs (i.e. status change, payment due date reached, etc). We also can't add custom fields - this would be helpful when creating business processes too!

I have previously noted lots of other issues we experience with Invoicing, including these topics:

[*][URL=]Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?[/URL] - In order to

[*] do this, I have to manually change the default currency and revert back after creating an Invoice. Inconvenient!
[*][URL=]Quoting a customer a price which is not to the nearest cent.[/URL] - No options to set the price for a product at, for example, €12.264 (twelve euro and twenty six point four cent)
[*][URL=]Can I hide information from a responsible person?[/URL] - This one is system wide! It would be great to have a custom field which you can specify who can see its contents (i.e. head of department, an employee, a department, etc). In some cases, like Quotes, we want to hide some background information from the responsible person because they dont need to see it.
[*][URL=]Can we stop everyone from deleting invoices?[/URL] - This topic notes some accounting problems which can occur from someone editing an invoice after it has been processed by our tax accountant. Obviously, this causes confusions in the future and the potential for tax not to be paid correctly.
[*][URL=]Would love to switch back to Bitrix...but for accounting[/URL] - This user also lists some important problems.
I could also come up with more feature requests... Also, Xero connector is not an option as it is too expensive for us atm.

So, any schedule for any invoice development work to take place?
In-line editing sometimes does not save my changes., No notification to let me know that my inline edits have been saved successfully.
This problem also effects the document status.  Sometimes we need to go to the edit screen to update this field.  Selecting a stage from the bar often also ends in the new selection not being saved. Very annoying for employees.
In-line editing sometimes does not save my changes., No notification to let me know that my inline edits have been saved successfully.
We seem to be having some problems with saving edits to documents in the CRM.

The in-line editor (in this case, comments) often does not save any changes made when we update a field directly from the view page (*not the edit page)... see screenshot.

After we make a change, and click outside the edit box (to close it), the data appears to be updated.  When I refresh the page, we see that the new content is not there - only the old text.

I guess this is possibly due to connection speed, as the new data to be saved has to be uploaded to the server before navigating away from the page.  This has happened on an number of different networks though.  In saying this, it is not an extremely common occurrence, but we could be working away for an hour before we notice comments not saving at all.

I think an easy solution would be an alert box, which asks something like "Data is still saving. Are you sure you want to leave this page?".  This would at least let the person know to stay here for a little longer until the data is saved.
It might not be the most prettiest solution though, maybe something like the yellow 'loading' box that you see when click on a tab (activity, products, history, etc.) would work.

Either ways, I think this is something which should be thought about, because it is very disappointing to find out that your work has not been saving.
Request for simple Style update

It would be great if you could implement this simple update to the css stylesheet for the CRM.

As you can see in the two screenshots, the 'comments' field does not expand to the full width of the screen.  It would be better if this box was wider so that more info can be displayed on each line.
To achieve this, you just need to add the following two lines into your css file:[CODE].crm-offer-info-right {width: 75%;}[/CODE]
The other screenshot is for custom text fields with multiple input.  It would be great if each item was displayed on separate lines for better viability! Achieve this by adding the following lines:
[CODE].bx-crm-edit-user-field span.integer {display: block;}
.bx-crm-edit-user-field span.separator {display: none;}[/CODE]

I hope you could accommodate this!
Edited: Patrick Keane - 05/26/2015 14:09:49
Can we stop everyone from deleting invoices?, Deleting invoices can cause problems with our accounts and potentially have the state finance ministry chasing us.
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:
First of all, you can create CRM  access level for admins with invoices delete = access denied[/QUOTE]

I have set access permissions Invoices Delete = Access Denied for ALL crm roles, including Administrators.  The problem is that I still get the option to delete.  Other staff with role employee or manager can not delete.

[QUOTE]Patrick Keane[COLOR=#373737]wrote:[/COLOR]
It would be useful if a person fr om our accounts department can 'lock' a document so that the products
Yana Prokopets[COLOR=#373737]wrote:[/COLOR]
Would the Access Permissions for product catalogue be helpful in this case?[/QUOTE]

I can't see any access permissions for the product catalogue... Where is this?
In our case, we usually we add products at the deal stage and many of them are not in our catalogue (we are a broker with 1000's of products so it is not useful for us to populate the product catalogue on Bitrix, but just add them to a deal as required).  So, it is possible this will not help me.

Maybe it is a simple case of this feature not being supported...
Edited: Patrick Keane - 04/02/2015 09:28:40
Can we stop everyone from deleting invoices?, Deleting invoices can cause problems with our accounts and potentially have the state finance ministry chasing us.
Can we stop everyone fr om deleting invoices? Including administrators!

Deleting invoices can cause problems with our accounts and potentially have the state finance ministry chasing us.  If they see a gap in our invoice numbers, they will question us about it.
So far we havn't had a problem, but we do not want this issue in the future.

(1) It would be a nice feature request to have an option somewhere where you can choose weather or not invoices can be deleted.  This would need to be in addition to the access permissions settings, because this would also have to cover all administrators in the system.  Yes, an admin could always turn off this feature, but it prevents an accidental deletion of a document... which can not be recovered once it is gone!
If I was the only admin this would be ok, but I have had to give admin rights to 2 others in the compay because they needed access to make changes in the Currencies section of the settings.

(2) It would also be a good feature NOT to let us change the invoice numbers when on the edit screen.... or at least for people below administrator level.

(3) It would be useful if a person fr om our accounts department can 'lock' a document so that the products (quantity, price, etc) can not be edited any more.  When an invoice has been dealt with by accounting at the end of the month, we don't want an employee making further changes to it.  This would be a simple checkbox which when true, locks the products portion of the invoice for editing.  Otherwise, this could be bound to the status of an invoice, such as 'Paid' or possibly every stage after ' Sent to Customer'.
We wouldn't like to lock the whole invoice, because maybe an address, payment method or terms & conditions will need to be upd ated on request from the customer.

(4) From time to time we need to refund or cancel a previous invoice. A credit note is the best way of doing this, as it doesn't modify or destroy a previous document. (We have a payment method called 'Credit Note' which has a background image replacing the words 'Invoice' with 'Credit Note' on the PDF.  We se t the product price as zero and the discount price is used to create a minus figure.)
So in many cases, we have a PAID invoice matching with a PAID Credit Note.  However, since we actually didn't get paid for this invoice, we want to mark it as REFUSED... but then, the amount does not get calculated in the reports section, and unless both documents are on the same final stage, the reports will never be correct.
It would be good to be able to EITHER include refused invoices in calculations OR have two 'approved' statuses, one PAID, the other PROCESSED, or something like that.
I notice from the selection lists, I am actually able to add multiple types of refused invoices but not multiple types of paid invoices. [B]see my screenshot[/B]! This is a feature used by default in the Deal status wh ere you can mark something as 'on hold'.
If we could replicate that with the approved status it would be good. Alternatively, if one of the 2 or 3 different types of declined statuses could be included in reports, this would work too!!!

I also noticed a bug/incorrect display of information on the invoices since the recent tax problem has been fixed, but I will talk about that in a ticket.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 03/30/2015 11:12:58
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Hi Guys!

FYI - I noticed today that the tax is working again.  Just click the edit button and then save it and it should be displayed correctly!!
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
It is now over 3 weeks since I first noticed this problem.  We can not send any of our invoices to our accountant unless this problem is fixed.

I really need a work schedule / timeframe as to when this will be fixed.

Do you not agree that invoices are a very important factor in a CRM??
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
We will do that if we have to. Not desirable though.

What happens later when VAT gets fixed? Will the invoice be updated automatically or will it stay the same until someone edits & saves it again? I don't want VAT to be calculated twice and if I need to come back and remove the TAX Product then that doesn't really help.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 03/16/2015 12:28:38
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Still don't see any progress on this issue.
We have been having to photoshop the vat information onto our invoices....

When will this issue be looked at? In my opinion it should be high up on the priority list??
Sending Notifications using Business Processes
Oh excellent!

Post #11 on that topic has the answer!

Business Process - When Changed
[QUOTE]This is perfect. Did the same thing only without the custom field.
Thank you [/QUOTE]

Hi Anders,

Rhys's solution seems to be the best! How did you do this without the custom field?
Can I hide information from a responsible person?
I have added a custom field (Bind to User) to our deals which we use to indicate which person from a separate department is assigned to the deal (but not made responsible).  When a deal reaches a particular stage, the responsible person has to wait for this other department to update some information.  Once the next stage is selected, this person has indicated they are finished and the responsible person can continue with their tasks.  We use a Business Process to send notifications to the relevant users ([URL=]this topic indicates the issues we have with the notifications[/URL]).

My question is, this other department need to log some information which they do not want to be available to the responsible person.  Is it possible to include a 'hidden field' that can only be seen by particular users? A field that can only be viewed or edited by either a particular employee, a workgroup or maybe the head of department?

If we can not create a hidden field, is there a way which we can link each deal to a document or separate page which has this information? It might be possible to make that other page only available to a workgroup / head of department.
Sending Notifications using Business Processes
I have been working with Business Processes to try and streamline our work processes between departments on Bitrix24.

When the status of a deal changes, we want an appropriate person notified - either the responsible person or the supervising person (via custom field Bind to User).
The process runs when a deal is updated, and sends out a notification to a user based on what status the deal is on.

However, every time a deal is updated, or the comments are edited directly from the view deal page, a notification is sent out.  We only want the notification when the deal status changes, and not every time there is an update.  It results in multiple notifications being recieved at times when they are no longer relevant for us.

I have attached a screenshot of my Business Process below.

[*]Is there a way I can improve on this? Can I specify only to run when the status changes?

[*]Alternatively, is there another way I can notify a user? Like, if I had a button or something that I click to manually run the process rather than it running every time the deal is updated? I know I can manually run a process from the Business Processes tab, but it is more ideal to have this available at the top of the page and not the bottom (or even run from the deal list view).

[*]Also, there is a List Column named after my business process. It either is blank or says 'Completed'. It could be an option to include a 'run process' link here.

Edited: Patrick Keane - 03/10/2015 18:56:23
BUG: Incorrect link URL, A link on bitrix does not take me to the correct place.

I have noticed, when viewing an INVOICE there is a link which does not take me to the correct page.

As you can see in my attached file, there are two links in the invoice information - one should bring to the linked deal, the other to the linked quote.

However, the QUOTE link does not bring me to the quote, it links back to the invoice (i.e. almost like a page refresh). So, to get to the quote, I have to first go to the deal and then the quote tab at the bottom.

I thought you ought to know :)
Bug? Tax not getting calculated

Thanks for clearing this up for me!

I hope the dev team don't get too stressed out with this!!!
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
It has been 9 days now and the only information I have got fr om my support ticket is [B][I]"It's difficult to say something about terms of solving problem."[/I][/B].

What am I supposed to think of this??  Is this a problem on my account, or is this a global Bitrix problem?

If it is only me that it is happening to, then maybe I can find a way to fix it. There must be a setting wrong somewh ere, although I don't think so!!

Our company has been growing rapidly over the last 7 months.  We have gone from 3 staff to 8 and I know we will be purchasing Bitrix soon.
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
Hi guys,

Normally we apply tax to an invoice when the customer is in our country, or no tax when the customer is abroad.
We have two tax locations and one tax with two tax rates (19% for home country and 0% for abroad.

When creating an invoice, we used to type in the location in the 'Location' field and tax gets applied as appropriate.
Now though, we see the input box has changed to a dropdown box.  We can still select one of the two tax locations and at the bottom of the page, the prices show up with the appropriate 'tax total'.
However, when we save an invoice, the tax returns to zero - no matter which tax location we choose.

Is this a new bug caused by the changing of the input box to a dropdown one?

FYI - this has normally always worked for us and no settings have been changed by us.
Quoting a customer a price which is not to the nearest cent. (i.e. €5.5233), Am I able to give a customer a quote or invoice with a product price containing more than 2 decimal places?
Am I able to give a customer a quote or invoice with a product price containing more than 2 decimal places?

i.e. We want to sell a product at €5.5233 but this gets rounded up to €5.52.

Is this the only support available or is there a setting I can change to increase the amount of decimal places allowed in a quote?

It would be nice for us to be able to give a price of 5.5233 per piece for an order of about 450 pieces (total of €2485.485).  The total could then either be displayed as €2485.485 or €2485.49, whichever you feel is easier to implement.

Can this be done?
Cant see all the companies assigned to a user

It seems like we have so many companies in the system that we can't export. I keep getting the screen "Sorry for inconvenience, Please wait while we bring the site online". My other tabs are working ok, so the site is not offline.

I am busy now anyway, maybe I will be able to try split the download into many CSV files. I will try later and let you know.
Cant see all the companies assigned to a user
Yana, you are a genious!! I have already had reason to export companies to Excel but the thought never occurred to me to check how many records are there!!

It seems like the most simple ways of doing things are the ways we don't do things.... Or maybe my head is just too confused to come up with a simple solution like this.... lol
Cant see all the companies assigned to a user
Yes I understand. Some of our companies were uploaded in bulk, and assigned to one staff member until they could be distributed out amongst employees.  Its not a big issue anyway we can find a work around, like what you have suggested.

Is there a way to see how many company records the database holds in total??
I think I remember seeing a page which shows how much space has been used on the database but cant figure out what page that was. Doesn't seem to exist.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 12/04/2014 12:21:25
Cant see all the companies assigned to a user

That is a pity though because I find it hard to pinpoint a specific company sometimes. Other times I can never see a company because they are always outside the 5,000 limit.
Cant see all the companies assigned to a user
In Bitrix24 CRM, some of our users have over 5,000 companies assigned to them, but the system seems to only show 250 pages of results (5000 companies).
I can't come up with a good way to be able to view all companies or even see exactly how many companies the user has assigned to them.
In some cases I can use the filters and sort order to pinpoint a specific range of companies but it is awkward.

Is there any information on this? Why do I only see a max of 5000 records?
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Hi, have a similar question.

We accidently deleted an invoice, and I would like to restore it.  I am unable to simply create a new invoice with the same number (since new invoices take the next number in line).
Did I hear somewhere recently that I can restore deleted data from some sort of recycle bin? Or is that only for the company drive?

To prevent this happening in the future, I have changed access permissions for users who are not admins so they have no access to delete records.
Frustrating when a right click pops up the Context Menu, Can't right click a company name and open it in a new browser tab! The right click feature pops up a custom Bitrix24 menu
Good suggestion... That thought never crossed my mind.  I just told my cologues and they were happy to find that out. Although they did mention it would be great to be able to go directly to the edit screen, as opposed to the view screen.

Mostly, they want to edit the comments, phone or email address fields.  Before the update, we were able to click on the comment text and edit it directly from the view screen.  However this feature has now been removed.  I commented about that [url=]here[/url].

I would think this might be something that many companies would like.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 10/20/2014 18:21:28
Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?, what do the different currencies actually do in Bitrix24 and how I can use them
Ok. I tried that and it worked.  So I can always change the default currency whenever I need to invoice in an alternative currency and revert back when I'm finished.


Since I don't like the templating system (or payment methods as it's called), I have previously created a large background image with the details we require on it.  This includes the words "Prices are Quoted in EURO" (because by default there is nothing on the invoice to indicate what currency is being quoted).
This means I have had to duplicate the template and change this text to USD and select it on the "Payment Method" parameter.

I brought up this point about the templating before on [url=]this post[/url] (reply #28 )

Also in the webinar on Tues 14th Oct I asked a question "What are your plans for the expansion of the features in templating the Quotes & Invoices documents?", to which I got a reply:
"We plan to add print templates for all types of existing documents at the beginning of next year"...
Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?, what do the different currencies actually do in Bitrix24 and how I can use them
Hi. Question in relation to Invoices in Bitrix24 cloud.

In CRM settings, I have two currencies, EURO and USD.  The exchange rate is entered and the default currency is EURO.

When I create a company or contact, I have the option to choose their default currency.  For one particular customer, their default currency is USD.  When I create a deal, I can also sel ect the currency to be USD.

However, when I create an invoice fr om this deal, I have no option to choose a currency.  It is automatically set to the default currency, EURO.

The prices in the USD deal has been converted to the EURO invoice. (i.e. $300 = €234)

I would like to invoice this customer in USD.  Is this possible?

I hope my description above is clear.
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DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Hi Alexey,

To be honest, I have steered away from DocDesigner.  If I get a chance in the future to have another look at it, I will and I will ask some questions but for now I don't really have the time.  I had problems with some values not appearing on the template.  Although, maybe I made a mistake on which {value} to choose.

The main reason I have given up on DocDesigner, is that I have had the following error:
[LIST][*]I had 2 companies, each with 1 contact.[*]Each contact had their own Deal. (So, 2 deals in total)[*]Using DocDesigner, I tried to download a PDF of the invoice for both deals. The first deal downloaded without problem. The second would not download at all. It was as if the button was disabled.[*]I checked both deals, contacts & companies to ensure the correct values were entered into the correct fields. The only difference I found was the text in the fields (i.e. name, address, etc.). Everything was filled out the exact same. But I could not download one of the PDF documents.
[/LIST]Seems very odd to me...

So, I have figured out a way in which I can utilise the Bitrix invices and I'm happy to revert to that atm.
Missing feature after Bitrix24 update??, What happened to the ability to edit comments directly from the company view page?
OK, so Bitrix24 has replied to me on Facebook with the following information:
[QUOTE]We've prepared a big product update and are now in the process of deploying new version of Bitrix24. This operation demands considerable servers' resources that influence all accounts working ability in general. We apologize for any temporary inconveniences this may cause.[/QUOTE]I assume and hope this means that the update is still in progress and some features like the comments box will be available again shortly.

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