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Mailing control
Hello, it would be great if the internal email system allowed control over the results of mass mailing actions. For instance, it would be useful to know that 90% of the emails were correctly sent and returned no errors, and that 10% returned some type of error message. This is very important in terms of contact DB maintenance, as some of these 10% are probably contacts that require some kind of attention/update.
CRM integration with external DBs
Hello, the CRM module would be perfect if it integrated dynamically with external sources of contacts, such as a MySQL table of customers or suppliers from a different application. This is particularly important because the current "import" feature seems useful just for the first time. After that moment, we will have new customers/suppliers/leads beeing added to our other management apps and we will need some kind of integration with the Bitrix24 CRM......
Edited: João Dias da Silva - 11/11/2012 20:47:08
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