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Hello, last month the platform crashes constantly, at least 20-30 times a day for at least 1-2 minutes. What caused this. I speak on behalf of at least three companies so that the problem is not just with us.
Тerrible problem!!!, Missing all my deals
Тhe problem is resolved.
Тerrible problem!!!, Missing all my deals
When i use my iphone app there are no problems. Companies are conected with deals, but in web version the tab deals is empty. There mising buttont +deal. Please help us because our work is stopped.
Problem with deal date
When i try to change "[COLOR=#535c69]End date" in deal, do not save my new date. There is "Today date"[/COLOR]
Leaderboard, Sales Leaderboard
Hi i think something like this will be very good addon for Bitrix24 CRM
CRM: adding custom fields
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Hristian,

You can take them off the company's form - open CRM>companies> click add (new) - in the right top corner open "from settings" - here you can choose fields you want to take off and shift them to the left column.

Hi Yana i take them off from "form settingis" but when i open some "Company" they are there with mark [undefined],
CRM: adding custom fields
Hi, can i delete the fields "Industry:" "Employees:" "Annual revenue:" in "companies"
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