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Send form from CRM with prefilled fields

We are reviewing our business process logic for ways to streamline activities. We are a self-hosted bitrix instance.

With the CRM forms that exist, we wanted to know if there is a way to send a form to a client from within a deal and have some of the fields of that form be pre-filled out from information in the deal.

The use-case here is that in our main deal pipeline we require clients to fill out an application form. Right now we still do it with paper/fax and that is very tedious. We would like to send that digitally for them to fill out and return instead, as is possible in other CRM systems.

Any other suggestions on how to accomplish this would also be appreciated.

Thank you
Edited: Scott Lang - 12/23/2016 21:17:49
Access Control Panel After Update
During the latest updates that we posted, you had added an addition of a new side/chat menu bar. It is very nice.
However, the control panel and administrator notification bar along the top of the site was also removed. I am now unable/unaware of how to access the control panel since I always used that as my access point. How do I get into the control panel now?
Business Process - Deals > Task

We operate similarly to what you described. You can have the business process automatically 'print' any deal details into tasks without much difficulty.

In the business process template, when you are setting the parameters for the "task" addition feature, you have the ability to click a "..." icon next to basically any field. In there, you can select any deal field and, if you click on it, it will insert the code snippet required to display that information when the task is created.

For example, the very beginning of one of ours is: "Contact "{=Document:TITLE}" and let them know their fleet account is active" where the document title segment was inserted by using the "..." button.

Hope this helps.
Interact with tasks in a business flow template
Is there any direct way (or a workaround) to allow us to automate direct influence on a task with a business process. For example, complete or delete a task if a deal stage is manually changed?
Or alternatively, would it be possible in any way to modify a stage if a task was deleted instead of finished?
Either implementation would be very helpful.

We run a high volume deal & lead system with tasks automatically assigned and are finding too many accidentally orphaned tasks even though the business process is terminated.
Edited: Scott Lang - 06/11/2016 23:37:11
Changing permissions not changing user menu options, Changing permissions not changing user menu options
I've run into this issue in two situations. (We use self hosted).

First, if I accidentally add a user without all the correct group roles and then later assign them, the menu items that they should see do not appear. In this example, once I accidentally added a user without any roles, so they had empty menus when they logged in. However, even if I now assign that user as an administrator, they still do not see any menu items.

Second, I have a user that was a normal employee but we would like to elevate him to an administrator. I have taken the steps and have assigned him but he still only sees the menu items that he had permission for before. He has control panel access and can interact with employee profiles but his quick access menu items haven't changed. For example, this user now has full privileges on the site but they cannot see the "supervising" tab in tasks.

Is there a way to refresh/rebuild a user's menus based on current access levels?

I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I it has, I couldn't find the thread.
Edited: Scott Lang - 03/22/2016 22:41:55
Persistent chat notifications - desktop app

Really this feature request is one of the easiest you can get. The desktop program code already has a value for notification length. All that is needed is for that value to be made variable based upon a preferences option.

I know you guys are busy with other great features but a few minutes here would be infinitely appreciated.

All the best,
Group tasks in calendar, Is there any way to view tasks other than my own in a calendar?
There are all these features for tasks but I can't see on a calendar who accomplished what and when? You even already have it so a user can see their own tasks on a calendar. I think all most of us need is the ability to set supervisors to be able to see that same task calendar of employees.
SMS Integration for Bitrix24
Just wanted to bump up this request.
I understand that SMS integration is probably an complicated developmental step but it would be wonderful to not have to run a seperate sms management system!
Persistent chat notifications - desktop app
Yes, we still haven't converted because of this hold back. It is a common feature in chat programs. With all that bitrix does in feature development, I'm not sure why we can't get anywhere with this.
Persistent chat notifications - desktop app
As we migrate to Bitrix24 we are phasing out our old internal chat system. While bitrix does way more than our old system, there is one BIG feature for us that is missing.
We operate many terminals where there is not always someone watching the screen. On our old system, when a chat came in, it would pop up in its own window and stay there until closed. This made it easy for people coming back to their computers to see what they missed at a glance and not miss the little "1" on the tray icon.
What we would absolutely love is if there could be an option to make the chat notification boxes stay up until dismissed. They don't have to be their own window like our old system, your small notification boxes are nice... they just go away too fast.
Is this possible?
Bitrix24 Desktop Application can't see Contacts and Menus
Also experiencing the same error on multiple windows computers. I also already created a support ticket on the subject.
Seems to be an issue where the text entry box is not dynamic to the size of the window anymore so it drags the whole window down to where the message that is being typed. I'm assuming the message entry box is supposed to dynamically stay constrained to the bottom of the window and not go further...
Workgroups Activity Stream not showing tasks / task changes
In the online literature it says - "Each Task's progress and all related notifications will also appear in the Activity Stream of the Workgroup. " - [url=]Link[/url]
However, in practice task creation, completion etc. do not show up in the "general" page of our work groups. Also, comments added to a task only appear to the task owner. This makes it extremely difficult to stay educated on what is going on in the workgroup.

Is this a glitch or is there a way to change workgroup stream settings?
It is difficult to know because each tutorial video I watch seems to have slightly different settings options that I don't seem to have (i.e. ability to change layout of group screen around with gadgets). I'm not sure if these are features of other versions of Bitrix (that would be ok because I am testing this to see if our company should switch over and we would be upgrading to paid versions anyways) but if that is the case, I need some way of knowing what functions will be added.
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