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Yandex mail administrator control
Hi Chau,
have you tried connecting the email using the "E-mail Services" instead of "Connecting the domain".
Then choose IMAP from the list provided and enter yandex's IMAP settings?

I am not sure if this will work.....I have not tried it myself...just a thought.
If it works...please do advise...I am curious to see if will.

Yandex mail administrator control
[QUOTE]Chau Ba wrote:
Please contact our Helpdesk - they will assist. [/QUOTE]
Hi Chau,

I see.
I seem to have missed the part where you said "[U][I]Already using Yandex mail[/I][/U]" ...My bad. :)

I have not personally tried connecting a domain that is already using yandex mail and am not sure if this is possible using the birix interface.

Perhaps it's best to submit a support ticket  [URL=]Helpdesk[/URL] .

It seem's there have been similar issues, [URL=][/URL]
But I have not come across any clear fix other than being told to contact Birtrix support.

Sorry I can't be of help in this matter.
I too would like to know the answer to this one.

Yandex mail administrator control
[QUOTE]Chau Ba wrote:
Hello Anthony Ayson! it very nice  
could you plz guide me how to link my own domain already using yandex mail server linking to bitrix?? Thanks in advances[/QUOTE]
Hi Chau,

[B]Link Domain and configure Host MX entries[/B]
1. Login to your Bitrix account
2. Click on the "Webmail" link on the bitrix user panel on the lefthand side. This will bring you to the Mail configuration page.
3. On the mail configuration page, You will be given 3 options  presented on the page as 3 boxes...(Left box) Connect to bitrix mail (center box) connect your domain (right box) connect email services (ie. google, yahoo etc.)...connect your domain by clicking on the "connect" link in the center box.
4. After clicking on the "connect" link , an additional option will appear at the bottom of the screen (scroll down) and click on the "configure domain"
5. You will be provided instructions on how to connect your domain, just the follow the instructions.they are quote straight forward. This is a two step process:

   a. Connect your domain
   b. Set up your mx entries on your web host

After performing the instructions on each step click on the  "verify" button....if you have successfully completed each step, bitrix will confirm this by displaying the words "CONFIRMED" (in green font) on each step.

After that you are good to go.

[B]Creating email accounts[/B]
You can then start creating email account by clicking on the "Manage E-mail Account"  link on the bitrix user panel (see panel on the left, scroll down till you get to Settings, the "Manage E-mail Account" link should be right below the "Intranet Settings" link)

1. On the Manage E-mail account page, Simply click on the "add mailbox"
2. Provide an email account name
3. Sel ect your domain on the dropdown  (You will be given an option to either create a bitrix mail or an email using your own domain mail...make sure to sel ect your own domain name)
4. Provide a password
5. Click on the "Save" button

[B]Assign email to users[/B]

After creating an email account, you can assign that account to a bitrix user.
To do this:

1. Go to  "Manage E-mail Account"  page.
2. Displayed on this page is the list of your bitrix users. Click on the "Create" link opposite the username of the user you wish to assign an email to.
3. A pop-up will appear. Simply sel ect the the email account you wish to assign to that user.

[B]Checking your mail [/B]

After successfully assigning an email to a user, that user can check his/her mail by logging on his/her bitrix account and click on the "webmail" link on the user panel (located on the lefthand side).

Alternatively you can go to and login in fr om there.
When logging in using Yandex login page make sure to enter the complete email address (i.e. [][/URL]) as your username.

Hope this helps.


Edited: Anthony Ayson - 07/29/2015 06:52:55
Yandex mail administrator control
Hi Yana,

Thank you so much for the reply.

I guess what I really want to know is ....

At this time we are able to create/edit/delete Yandex mails via our Bitrix24 mail integration panel.

In case where the FREE bitrix24 subscription terminates due to inactivity, which account do we need to login to Yandex mail to have access to the same admin privileges, to add, edit, delete domain emails?

I noticed that none of the Yandex email we generated via the Birtrix24 mail integration panel has admin privileges in the Yandex mail interface.

Does this mean that  we cannot add/edit/delete domain emails outside the Bitrix24?

Should this be the case, what happens to our domain emails on Yandex incase our FREE Bitrix24 terminates? How do we regain control of our domain emails via Yandex?

Don't get me wrong, We are loving Bitrix24 which has tremendously improve they way we work in our organizations and have no plans of letting our subscription expire, infact we have plans to upgrade soon. Its just that this concern  about domain email control has been raised and we need to asses our options.

Thank you in advance :)

Edited: Anthony Ayson - 03/26/2015 07:30:01
Yandex mail administrator control
Hi Guys,
I am currently using a FREE version of Bitrix and have successfully linked my domain to use yandex mail using the "MAIL" integration option on Bitrix.
I have to say the integration was easy and worked like a charm, kudos to the bitrix team!

I have a few questions though:
[*]Who owns the admin panel to my yandex mails?
[*]Which yandex mail generated through the bitrix panel can be used to access the "My Domain" section at

[*]What happens if my FREE bitrix CRM account closes due to inactivity, how do I regain control of my yandex domain emails?
[/LIST]Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
Thanks in advance.
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