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create an entry by email
Unfortunately this was the deal breaker for us. We are moving away from Bitrix to teamworkpm due primarily to the robust email integration.
create an entry by email
The API release and ability to add tasks via email are definitely #1 high priority needs.

Thank you.
Wiki Index Page
I can't seem to find a page that lists all of the wiki pages for a group. When I click on the Wiki tab in the menu it just goes to the most recently created wiki. The only way we've found to get to the other wikis is to go hunt them down in the activity stream. I hope that I'm just missing this. Please help.
View tasks in group calendar
I may be missing this, but is there a way to see all group tasks in the group calendar view. I know My Tasks are reflected in my calendar, but we'd really like to be able to see  the group tasks in the group calendar in a similar format (perhaps a checkbox that adds tasks to the view in addition to the events).
Move employee to extranet user
Is it possible to delete totally delete these employees. This is a brand new setup and I really need to get them as extranet users with the current email addresses. We mistakenly added them as employees. They don't have alternative appropriate email addresses to use.
Move employee to extranet user
Is there a way to move someone entered as an employee to become an extranet user? I see how you can do the reverse, but we need to change some users this direction as well.

Thank you!
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