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Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
I just purchased the self hosted system a few days ago.  There are many things we like and are excited about your system!  I could post lots of suggestions and over time I will, but I agree with the 3000+ other viewers of this post.  I was shocked that custom views created by admins cannot be used by others.

There is no other way to say it - this needs to be #1 priority within CRM!  It looks like this already has been many months in waiting.

Thank you! :)
Link files with CRM items

I would say that a library that is for CRM might be nice, but also might not be needed.  It might be easier to provide a way for a document or folder in the normal drive areas to be tagged to a lead, contact, organization, etc.  Document or folder could have more than one tag.

Then when you look at an element you can see link to tagged folders or docs.

If there is a time when the document still needs to be kept, but no longer is related to the element, then user can remove the tag.

This might be easier and more simple than creating additional drive/library.

One problem would be if you move things around in your drive, then keeping tags is more complex.

One way or another, many users would appreciate some way to associate documents to leads, contacts, etc.

Thank you!
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