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Road Map & Change Log
Tasks: Integration with Github, Bitbucket, SVN
To use Bitrix 24 for managing programming projects within a company, It would be great if there was an integration to link Tasks to the work that programmers do.
Integrations would be great with Git and SVN:

Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop
Bitrix looks great but tasks could use a lot of work to be easier to use and support workflows for agile and kanban style project management.
See some of your competition at:

[LIST][*]Simplify task input.[*]Allow for tracking an abstract time estimate.[*]categorize tasks as epics, stories, tasks, etc[*]compare task estimates with time took at the end of a milestone or sprint tasks are associated with[*]Drag and drop tasks to change order, to create and break parent child relationships.[*]Plenty of keyboard shortcuts[*]Deadlines for each task are optional[*]etc.
[/LIST]Feel free to ask more specific questions.
Edited: elliott davis - 08/15/2014 12:06:40
Parent and Sub Tasks, Navigating between Sub Tasks under same Parent Task
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