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Users get blocked, New users cannot login
I send the information 28/7/2014. And I never got a reply.

This is what I have done.

I change the user´s email adress to fake one.
I deactivate the user (fire the user on the application)
Then I send an invitation to the user using the correct email address.
Now the user is online and active.

I cannot invite the user to a group since I already send the invitation before.

Is not possible to delete the user in order to start over? I cannot use a different email address since it is a corporate email.
Users get blocked, New users cannot login

I have created a new network for testing at work. I am the administrator fo the network and I don't have any issue. But the co-workers who I send an invitation have issues login in. After they created their account they cannot login again. They get wrong login or password.

If they try to reset their password after following the link and entering the credentials for new password the system do not accept the new password saying that the login is wrong (even thou it is correct).
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