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Evernote integration
[QUOTE]Karolin Bierbrauer wrote:
It would be really good if you could integrate Evernote as well just like Google Drive Live editing feature. Another service like this is .....   but it lacks of features you are offering.

Please think about integrating it.


 The post has been edited by the forum administrator. No promotion for other services please.  [/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]feri leho wrote:
I vote for Evernote. For our team Evernote is key system...[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]Ben Daffy wrote:
+1 for evernote integration[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]Rodrigo Rivera wrote:
+1 for Evernote integration, evernote is also a key system for me and almost everyone I work with.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]Ipek Uzpeder wrote:
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are already using Bitrix24