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Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
Will do it in a few hours.

Thnx for your reply.
Bitrix24.Drive unreliable since update
I´m just SICK about this drive feature.

It is not only UNRELIABLE but if you have multiple computers connected using the Bitrix24 Desktop Application, when one of the "UnSynced" machines get back in Sync IT OVERWRITES THE WORK OF OTHERS WITH OLDER FILE VERSIONS.

I propose several clients to use Bitrix24 as the standard intranet solution for their companies and now they all have lost information, want me out of their companies and no one wants to pay for the subscription. How in the world i´m supposed to be able to sell something that doesn't work at least decently.

I hope to get any answer on this.

Edited: Jorge Rene Alvarado Villacis - 04/23/2015 22:26:49 (Add and idea.)
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are already using Bitrix24