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Importing Deals: duplicates??, CRM Duplicate deals

I imported Companies and then Deals in the CRM part and all deals were linked correctly to the Companies. All companies have multiple deals and again, all looks correctly linked. However, there are many deals that are duplicated for some strange reason. I checked with the CSV file I did to make the import and this does not make any sense. For instance, one company has 6 deals. This is imported and linked correctly. However, when I look at CRM and the deals, they are all imported in triplicated...

Interestingly enough, those deals that are "Closed Won" are imported 100% correct with no duplication. All the other deals are all duplicated 4 times...

This is most annoying as anything that is not closed won will have 4 identical deals.

How can this be and how can this be resolved as clearly importing Deals leads to a multiplication of 4 of all line items, same status, etc.. Hardly a CRM system to be honest and very disappointed by this very strange import behaviour.

Am I missing something?
Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals, Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals
Hello All

New Bitrix24 and evaluation as a possible replacement for SFDC. So far so good except the odd things here and there when it comes to importing data.  Searching and reading the forum is GREAT!

On this specific topic, I would like to add my support to a Renewal Cycle within CRM as this would simply be a God sent :)

If a scenario helps:

Service sold on an annual base, say  year 1, Jan 2014 to Dec 2014 for $10,000. When entering details on CRM, a start and end date would be also part of template. Usually such a sale is either done on multi-year contract (typically 3 to 5 years). In the case, we would be able to enter the agreed upon pricing for the duration of the Contract:
Year 1: Jan Dec 2014 $10,000
Year 2: Jan Dec 2015 $12,000

Alternatively, a price increase would be established, say 5% per year.

In the above cases, CRM would be able to record the pricing for the duration of the contract either by entering the pricing for each of the contract years or by using the Price increase percentage to calculate pricing for year 2 onwards

One could imagine somekind of trigger on the setting page: "Renewal Alert = 60 days before end date" and a report would go with that as well. This means that on the Activity Stream users would be able to see the upcoming renewals at a glance and also report on renewals due for any given range of dates. This would be great to batch process renewal notices/ invoices/ etc.. This would be a very good starting point for managing recurring business which is more or more frequent these days. Right now I am using Custom fields for Start and End Date and at least I can record this information and users can see it on the DEAL page. I beleive the best place top enter the pricing for years 1,2 etc.. would be under the Product Tab. This means that there would be one master record for the deal with all the usual details and the renewal line items would be under Product Tab with start and end dates. I would love to see this happening!!!! Hope this helps - Nazim
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