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Custom Lead Distribution, lead distribution from a call center software using php and mysql to execute a live transfer of voice and data
Hello Nathaniel,

Please look throught the example at the [URL=]documentation[/URL].

"ASSIGNED_BY_ID" should be inside the fields parameter.
Custom Lead Distribution, lead distribution from a call center software using php and mysql to execute a live transfer of voice and data
Hello Nathaniel,

It seems, that the secret key was obtained without permission to the CRM. This could happen if you were getting the key without specifying the CRM permission at the scope parameter or you didn't specify this permission for the app.

I should also note, that apps coded for the cloud version cannot be used for the self-hosted versions (at least it is impossible now). There are different types of API in these versions.
Using formula in Business Process: How to...?
Please remove the odd apostrophe:

=datediff(20.05.2015 22:33:00, 03.06.2015,'%m month, %d days'')

and try if it works.

If it still doesn't work, please contact our Helpdesk.
Using formula in Business Process: How to...?
The function gets the date/time type and returns string.
Form Constructor not working?
We have contacted this app developer (Marketplace apps are developed by our Partners), they are not guarantee sending emails to all addresses.
Your email must be considered insecure by their email server.
Customization in Self-Hosted Bitrix24, Customization in Self-Hosted Bitrix24
Hello Vicky,

The self-hosted version is supplied with the full source code and an open API. The level of customization depends on the integration level of your code with Bitrix24 you want.

Please read [URL=]this article[/URL] and the [URL=]Bitrix Framework[/URL] training course.

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Custom Lead Distribution, lead distribution from a call center software using php and mysql to execute a live transfer of voice and data
Hello Nathaniel,

The existing integration of Bitrix24 with the SIP-phones including softphones doesn't suit you because of the specific queue you need, right?

Please clarify if you are coding for Bitrix24 Cloud or Self-hosted version?
Adding Documents and proposals to Deals, Deal needs to show all proposal documents and link to them
Hello Richard,

It is only possible to attach files from a local PC to the CRM entities now. I've passed your request to the the devs. Thanks.
Bitrix24 Banners in Russian on US site?
Hello Nicholas,

We have fixed this. Thanks.
Workgroup Calendars via CalDAV, How do you share workgroup calendars via CalDAV?
Hi Daniel,

There is not such option too. I've passed your requst to the devs. Thanks.
Export data from contacts
Hello Hernán,

This could happen because of the following issues:
1. Not all contacts are allowed to be exported (the 'Use in contacts export' option in the contact form)
2. There is a limitation on the export script running time - 1 min.  The solution is to export contact in groups, filterring them by any parameter.
Export Absence Chart via CalDAV?, Need to export the Absence Chart via CalDAV
Hello Daniel,

There is not such option now. I've passed your requst to the devs. Thanks.
POST using REST API - Address Field
Hello Nathaniel,

This api doesn't support the latests updates related to division of the address field into several ones. I've passed this to the devs. We will fix the ussue, but I cannot say any time frame.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Blackberry Mobile App, Using CRM on Blackberry mobile phone
Because the Blackberry devices are getting less popular.
How to add Expenses Claim Functionality
Hello fatehah sulaiman,

Please check our new [URL=]default workflows[/URL].
If not any of them suits you, you can [URL=]create a new one[/URL].
Lists, How to use information entered into a List
Hello Jessie,

The issue has be already fixed. Please check.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Bitrix Biometric Integration, Is it possible to integrate any Biometric Device with Bitrix?
Hello Vijay,

There is no way to integrate such devices and we are not going to support them any time soon.
CRM: adding custom fields
Hello All,

To Danny Bolger:
We are not going to make this possible. If you need to have some custom ID, you can use the custom fields tool for this.

To mantas ll:
1. it is impossible to make the last name field not mandatory.
2. the address fields cannot be removed.
3. instead of the selection lists you can create custom fields of the List type.
Form Constructor not working?
Hello John,

Please clarify if you specified your email address in the [B]Report by e-mail about filling form[/B] field?

No files in my desktop app
Hello Kate,

It is only possible to work with a drive of one Bitrix24 instance (company) now. I've passed you request to the devs. Thanks.
Import task list, Importing a list of tasks from "Wrike"
Hello Jacy,

We only have the solutions for migration from Basecamp, Zoho, Yammer and Data2CRM. Find more apps [URL=]here[/URL].
Group tasks in calendar, Is there any way to view tasks other than my own in a calendar?
Hello Elena,

There is no such option now. I've passed your request to the dev team. Thanks!
Customizing tasks view
Hello Karoline,

There is no such settings in Bitrix24.
Using formula in Business Process: How to...?
Hello khanh nguyen,

Please use the datediff function to calculate the difference between two dates.
Created users in Admin section are missed in company Employees group, If a user is manually created in the Administration section, the user won't get visible at the employees group
Hello Harald Henry,

Please make sure that you also assign users to departments.

Social Feeds Widget
Hi, services like twitter usually have such widgets generators, please google it. The code received could be included into the portal template itself, or to an included (editable) area.
Please get more info about template integration [URL=]here[/URL].
Extranet Analytics
Hi Oleg,

As you probably know the Web Analytics module handles with [URL=]sites(portals)[/URL]. Extranet is an additional site inside the system, and all extranet users visit it via the url like http://<your_intranet_domain>/extranet/. But your regular employees that have access to the Extranet (to the workgroups available at the Extranet actually) have access to these workgroups via the general site (http://<your_intranet_domain> ). So the statistics of employees belong to the general site, and statistic of extranet visitors to the extranet site. Keep this in mind when using the module.
Change instance URL
Hello Jeff,

We see that the problem really exists for your account. Could you please describe all steps performed during registration? Were there any errors? Are you a member of other B24 accounts?

Please answer these questions via a new Helpdesk ticket.
photographs linked to deals, photographs
Hello Richard,

Have you tried adding a new custom field of the File type? It would be possible to attach images as well then.
Max leads, What's the max. leads that can manage?
Hi Jorge,

I'm sorry, my previous answer wasn't complete.

There is no limitation on the number of imported or stored data. But only 5,000  records cab be shown in each list of all CRM entities (leads, contacts, etc.) and it doesn't matter how that entities were added (manually or imported).  Meanwhile, this "hidden" data is available via filters and selection dialogs.
Limit to number of leads, contacts, companies?
Hello David,

There is no limitation on the number of imported or stored data. But only 5,000  records cab be shown in each list of all CRM entities (leads, contacts, etc.) and it doesn't matter how that entities were added (manually or imported).  Meanwhile, this "hidden" data is available via filters and selection dialogs.
How to reinvite someone to a folder?, I invited someone to view my folder a few months again and I can't work out how to reinvite them.
Hello Cherie,

Could you please resend the invitation using the page Company > Employees > Invited:

Bitrix API, Documentation
The issue should be investigated via the Helpdesk. Could you please create a ticket [url=]here[/url]?
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
Hi all,

Sorry for the wait while we were adding this feature and thanks for your patience.
I can say for sure that we are already working on it, and it should be available in the next few weeks.
Installing DocDesigner
Hello Jorge,

Only users with admin access to your Bitrix24 have permission to install applications available in the Bitrix24 Marketplace. If you have such access level, but still cannot install apps, please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue.
Specify at your ticket, are there any errors?
Max leads, What's the max. leads that can manage?
Hi Jorge,

There is not any limitation on the amount of imported and stored data. Could you please contact our [url=]Helpdesk[/url] to resolve the issue?
Bitrix API, Documentation
Hello Sajid,

It seems that the [url=]SIC[/url] is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code.

But there is no such field for any entity in the Bitrix24 CRM. Is this field a custom field for leads in your CRM?

If you still have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk.
Duplicate Mail Sent to Me - Send&Save
Hi Burak,

Duplicating email to the sender is actually a feature required by a lot of users. I agree that in your case, this feature is redundant. We'll think about making sending duplicate emails optional.

BTW There is a [url=]Bitrix Environment[/url] that includes all required software for Bitrix24 including the msmtp server and it is abosultely free.

As for the Sender, it seems the issue is related to your mail system settings, because I don't see such behavior in my installation. Could you please contact our [url=]Helpdesk[/url] (of the box version) to discuss the issue?
Desktop Client, Accessing
By default, the Bitrix24.Drive is disabled. Please check whether you have the option to enable it.

Importing / Exporting products and invoices to/from Freshbooks or CSV files
Hi Bo,

As I wrote above, additional services could be provided by our Partners. Of course, they don't have access to Bitrix24 databases, but it is possible to create an app (script) for the  [url=]Bitrix24 marketplace[/url] to import data from the required service (if it has API) or files. For example, our partners developed apps for migration from Yammer, Basecamp and Zoho.

But Bitrix doesn't perform custom tasks.
Importing / Exporting products and invoices to/from Freshbooks or CSV files
I don't think that we will add such connector, but we are still going to add import of products by the end of this year.

BTW there is [url=]API[/url] that can be used for adding data to the CRM from external sources. You can contact one of our [url=]partner[/url] and order such an application to be made.
Importing Products to CRM

we hope this feature will be added by the end of this year.
Expenses feature to make it complete
Current product tools (business processes, especially run on items in lists) can be used for approval of expenses, so we were not planning on extending this type of functionality at the moment. Could you provide us with a detailed scenario?
Persistent chat notifications - desktop app
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll think over this.
Electronic Signatures & Tracking, Proposals with electronic signatures, tracking, and notifications
Creating a quote is prior to adding an invoice and paying it. We are going to add an external link for invoices only with the capability to pay them via that link.
Let users choose which wokgroups are displayed in the menu

It is possible to hide Bitrix24 tools and groups that you don’t often use and re-arrange the order of the main menu items. This is possible in both the Bitrix24 cloud and the box versions.

Best Way to merge 2 companies, How should I merge two companies
Hello Ariana Alba,

Merging duplicates is already available. For more info, see our [url=]blog[/url].
documents workflow, from deal, to offer to customer email
Hello chronis tzerefos,

Thanks for the feedback.

For now, quotes, invoices and products cannot be linked to the tasks. I've passed your request to our Dev team.

Best regards,
Screen sharing
We planned to add the screen sharing and even did some research and development, but there are some problems with a techlogy, so this tool is not ready in Bitrix24 now.
We still want to add this tool and will add it when the underlying technology which powers the video chat gets better.
Reports, Dates for a report
Hi Tanguy,

Sorry for delay with the answer.

Yes, the issue has been fixed. But I want to explain how to filter activities by period in reports.

An activity presents in a report if it was created  before or during the report period and it was completed during or after this period, or it wasn't completed at all.

For example, filterring by activities from this August will give the 'real' August activities (created and completed in August) as well as activities created before August and that are still incomplete.

If you need a list only of events that really happen during the report period, you should add additional fields (Created on and End date) to the filter and filter by them.
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