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Security for Drive and remote wipe on terminated emploees, Security for Drive and remote wipe on terminated emploees
The issue of files (I should say "copies of files") remaining on a personal computer belonging to an ex-employee is not at all unique to Bitrix24's Desktop App.  This issue arises if any synchronization between a company intranet and a personally-owned device is permitted.
VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services, VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services
Hi, you are talking about apps in the Marketplace that were developed by our Russian partners. Those apps are not localized to any other language than Russian, and untranslated apps are not available via .com and .de domains.
Please wait a little, we'll add a built-in tool for custom connection of SIP PBX.
Taxes not being applied to invoice
It is likely that the 'Include tax in price' option is checked. Please check the issue.
Yandex E-Mail Servers and Our Domain, How to use the new Yandex E-mail servers withing bitrix24

This could happen if you or one of your team with administrative permissions to your Bitrix24 have already tried to add domain for mail, but then disconnected it.
There is no option for adding a recurrent domain in Bitrix24 now - we'll add it later.
Could you please contact our Helpdesk so they could help you set this manually?
VERY USEFUL Custom Field - import, Management and category cutome field
You and you colleague can see custom fields in the contact's view form. Just click the 'Show details' link at the top right corner of the contact view form.

We have already started working on this option. Look throught the Quotes - all CRM entities form will have such forms soon.
Completed task and calendar
I'm not sure, that your proposal will suite other users. I've asked our devs to add an option for hiding required tasks in calendars. I think this is the best option for now.
I cannot say whether this option will included or not.
Caller ID
Concerning no number showing up:  for outgoing calls, if you do not provide an outgoing number in the telephony settings, then a relay number will appear on the phone of the person you are calling. This number will allow the call to be identified easily as being made via telephony, not from a 'real' phone.

There is no way to alter the format of the number as it will appear on the phone of the person you are calling. The number will always be the full 10-digit number.
Security for Drive and remote wipe on terminated emploees, Security for Drive and remote wipe on terminated emploees

A dismissed user doesn't have access to Bitrix24 instance, his login and password do not allow authorization.
So  the user cannot use the Bitrix24 desktop app for connection to your Bitrix24 and work with files, but files which were synchronized and are present at user's PCs cannot be deleted via Bitrix24, since the user is not authorized in Bitrix24.
The dismissed user is not counted as active user, so you can invite one more user insted dismissed one.
Taxes not being applied to invoice
Hi, I checked the issue and found out that tax could be not applied if a location is specified before the Invoice items (products) and their quantity. We'll fix the issue. Till then, please specify invoice products before specifying location. Sorry for the incovenience.
VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services, VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services
Unfortunately, Bitrix24 functionality doesn't have beta mode.
Reports, Dates for a report
I will mark down to post an update here when the issue is resolved.
VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services, VoIP service with own PBX or cloud VOIP services

It is likely you will be able to connect your SIP PBX this July.
BTW, the option to connect your own SIP PBX will cost 40$ per month.
Calendar and Taks, Calendar and email alerts
Sure, Helpdesk
delete an invitation? delete users?
Hi Jener,

The dismissed employess have their accounts, but they cannot login to Bitrix24. We do not allow complete deletion of users because of their activity history inside Bitrix24 can have implications for future problem resolution and discovery. Furthermore, their messages, files, tasks etc may be useful for other employess.
Create filter to select where phone is not blank
Hello Aaron,

Sorry, but there is no way to filter like that. The only possible way now is to export leads to an xls(csv) file and sort leads there.
Calendar and Taks, Calendar and email alerts

Vasant Patil wrote:
* In Bitrix calendar I have also synced my Google calendar. All events that were added in Google calendar show up in Bitrix's calendar. But if I enter anything in Bitrix
calendar, will it show up in Google calendar ?
Yes, it should be shown. If you observe different behaviour, please contact our Helpdesk.

Vasant Patil wrote:
If I create a event in Bitrix's calendar, can I get a email alert 10 mins before the event start ? If yes then how.
It is possible to set a reminder alert in the event editing/creating form (at the 'Event' tab). Alerts via email about calendar events are sent to users' emails if they aren't read inside Bitrix24 or via the Mobile or Desktop apps for 10 minutes. Usually this happens if users are offline.

Vasant Patil wrote:
* If I create a Task in Bitrix, will it send a email alert 10 mins before the event starts ? I found a tool but it didn't send me a email.
Task alerts can be sent by date only - this can be specified in the task full creating form.
Helpdesk module
No changes. The Helpdesk functionality is still available only in the Self-hosted version of Bitrix24. There is no option for adding the Helpdesk tool to Bitrix24 Cloud.
language settings

Could you please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue? Specify the desktop app version in your ticket.
Upload Failing, Unable to upload workgroup image and unable to upload files
B24_616373, unfortunately, the certificate really is out of date. We will update it.
Till then, for multiple file upload, you can use the Simple view instead of Classic and Standard.
Reports, Dates for a report
Hi Tanguy,

I checked the issue. The filtering really isn't working properly. We'll fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can your help us to import products

It is likely that a products import tool will be added this Autumn.
Till then it is possible to add products to Bitrix24 in a bulk using REST API only.

So you (with or without Bitrix Parthers)  can create an app for Bitrix24 marketplace for importing products, this app could be without any interface, just a script. It is also possible to make the app available only for you Bitrix24 instance, but not for all.

If you require a lot modifications in your Bitrix24, I do recommend you to have a look at Bitrix24 Self-hosted version. Read this article to find out the difference between Cloud and Self-Hosted versions.
Unable to print/download quotes, Iam unable to print and download exisiting quotes. The pop up says NO PRINT TEMPLATE defined
Please check the availability of two payment options (for both company and contact client types) for quotes in CRM->Settings->Payment and invoices.

The print template gets data from these options. There should be 2 options for invoices and 2 for quotes. (that is, one for each tax type)

If there are no options for quotes, please create them. Choose the Quote (English) value for the Handler field.

Moreover, these options should have been created automatically for each Bitrix24 instance. If you didn't delete them manually, it would be better to contact our Heldesk to resolve the issue. Thank you.
Date conflict in Report (overdue deals)
Hi, I see the problem, I'll pass this information on to the development department. We'll fix the issue soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
delete an invitation? delete users?
Hi Sunny,

There is no limitation on inactive users.
RSS Feed, Adding a RSS Feed to the Activity Stream
We haven't started any developments related to this integration yet, we are discussing the issue with Zapier.
delete an invitation? delete users?
We do not provide an option for complete removal of inactive users in order that their activities will remain available on the intranet.
Give access permission

If users are invited to the portal as employees, they are bound to the 'My company:Employee' group. The only one way to remove users from this group is to dismiss users. In your case, it is better to set access permissions based on users, departments and workgroups, but not on user groups.
Convert Leads to contatcs, How do I convert a lead to a contact?
We are currently working on a duplicates finder and manager. So this feature will be available soon.
Employee has administrative access to the portal

Giving administrative access to the portal to users means that they will have access to everything except messages (of other users) in the Instant Messenger. All administrators are equal in this regard.
New user here

Cristina Calvo wrote:
"Since you are already authorized you cannot confirm your invitation, please use your existing authorization."
This means that you are trying to confirm an invitation being already authorized as another user. You should logout before confirmation or open the confirmation link using another browser.
Cristina Calvo wrote:
I'm handling different projects. How can I organize them in such a way that I can invite new Bitrix users to that particular project/group?
You should invite users to your Bitrix24 intranet firstly, and then invite them to workgroups/projects.

Please check out the workgroups section in the Bitrix24 training course.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Hi Sunny Wong,
Sunny Wong wrote:
Any update on adding in the google calendar into B24?
Could you provide more details about what update you are waiting for?

Sunny Wong wrote:
I've checked from my gmail mailbox, seems like gmail assume that B24 is trying to hijack my mail account.
Please provide the error text and attach a screenshot.
Tasks templates

We don't have this feature in Bitrix24 now. I have passed your request to the development department. Thanks for the feedback.
Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice

Sorry for the incomplete answer.

You can create a CSR using the OpenSSL tool or some csr- generators, like this.
Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
Please get more information on how to create a CSR here.
Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
No, you should purchase the SSL certificate for your company.
How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.
There is a new option now in the currency settings for specifying the default invoice currency.
How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.
We should have options for the invoice currency in a month, maximum.
How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.

This issue is being addressed now. We will enable choice of default currency in the cloud product shortly.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Ajeesh Kumar wrote:
Integrating my google apps calendar is so much necessary for me to use bitrix for my daily tasking.
We do not observe problems with Google calendar integration. Please put in a support ticket with screen shots showing the process which you are using to make this connection.
Business process for emailing contact

send an email to a contact when a particular contact field is changed, say from active to pending.
This can be done, but there are a few steps involved to ensure proper functioning.
First, note that business processes that run automatically when a contact or other object has been edited in any way (not including new activities), cannot sel ect for a particular field to be changed.
This means that if your contact’s field is moved to “Pending”, your business process’s condition will be met and the email will be sent.  
However, to avoid the same email fr om being sent again after any other change in the contact is made (like change of address, comment, etc.), you should create some kind of ‘switch’.  
So you’d create a (Boolean) custom field in contacts like SENT 1st EMAIL with a default value of no.
You then put a condition in the Business Process template that looks for STATUS = ‘Pending’  and SENT 1st EMAIL = ‘no’.
Under that condition in the business process template, you should set the action block that sends the email, and then a ‘modify document’ action that switches the SENT 1st EMAIL field to ‘yes’.
This way, any contact which already has had this type of email sent will not receive it again.

Joshua Vida wrote:
I would like to set it up so an email automatically goes out 2 weeks prior to my contacts' service end date. And if they haven't renewed yet, one more at 1 week and a final one at 2 days.
Yes, this can be done. You should create a new business process template that is runs when a contact added and created and checks for a non-null value in a (custom) field like “Contract expiration date”.
The Pause action should be used before the e-mail Message action. For calculation of the date when email should be sent, use the dateadd operator in the Pause action.
It would be ideal to check the date again before emailing, so that if the contact has already extended the subscription, emails will not be sent.

Please take a look at our training course to get more information about Business processes.
Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
This option is not available in the Free tariff plan. Please look through the comparison table of Bitrix24 versions.
Recurring Tasks, Seeing Task on Calendar
Yes, recurring task are available.
There is some obscure logic in the recurring tasks and how they are displayed in calendars now. We are thinking over the issue and will simplify it.

I will try to explain how recurring tasks work.
When a recurring task is created, a new record is added to a calendar for the current day,  and a new copy of the recurring task is added to the calendar on the day(s) that the task recurs.

When a recurring task is added, a new template that holds task data, including the repetition interval, is also created. So the period of tasks reiteration can be changed via the task template that should be opened from the tasks viewing form.
Activity, Messsage, Signature, How do I change the signature or delete the message counter

The text like "[msg:13-tmt0aa]" is a service code that adds for the send&save integration (incoming emails are received and saved to the proper CRM object). This code can be added to the outgoing message text or subject line depending on the CRM settings (CRM->Settings->Send&Save Integration).
It is also possible not to add this service information to emails, but in this case the Send&Save technology won't work.

It is possible to add a signature using e-mail templates (CRM->Settings->E-Mail Templates).

Please get more information about Send&Save integration and e-mail templates in our blog.
Language Packs, Availability in Different Languages
These 3 languages are available now in the authorization form.  If you want to change languages - you do need to log out to get to that form.
RSS Feed, Adding a RSS Feed to the Activity Stream
Bitrix24 Self-hosted version includes this tool, while Bitrix24 in the cloud doesn't.

There are three import methods to the Activity Stream available:
  • sending scheduled requests to an RSS feed,
  • sending scheduled requests to a web service (the «Web Services» module can create Activity Stream reports from website traffic and e-Store order statistics),
  • using a POST request sent from a data vendor with data in request fields.
Search Files results cannot be accessed due to wrong reference (url) - Access denied

We'll check the issue and fix it as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Benjamin Buske wrote:
When I add with my login
Please try to use the following parameters to connect external calendar:
password: <enter_your_password>

I mean that your real e-mail address contains the dot, but do not enter it while connection settings.

Jose Maliel wrote:
I am having the exact same problem. Is there a Solution
Here are the same recommendations as Anya gave.
Price field will not save, Price field will not save in Product
Please make sure that you set the currency format correctly. The hash sign is the place for the price.

Task Problems, Date is changing?
The cause of this problem has been identified and we are already in the process of fixing it. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're sure it will be resolved very soon.
iCloud, iPad and Calendar
Hi James,

I cannot reproduce this problem. Look at the attached screenshots.

Please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue.
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