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Way For Assistants To View All Tasks, Is there a way to for an assistant to view all tasks
This task can be solved using a workgroup only. An assistant and supervisor should be members of a single workgroup. Tasks of supervisor should be created inside (or bound to) this group and access rights for management of the group's tasks should allow to the assistant.
CRM: Integration with Send&Save
[QUOTE]EP Global wrote:
I wonder how can I ins ert an Image to the email? It seems like that it doesn't work...when i paste the file path, there's a small image block there but the real image never shows up...
[/QUOTE]I sent an e-mail with an image added to the message text using the 'Image' tool to a CRM contact. I didn't face with any problem. The link that I put into the 'Image' feature was to an image located at some site.
Please create a new ticket to the Helpdesk and describe in details how you are trying to ins ert the image to the e-mail and what browser you are using. It would be quite useful if you attach some screens.

[QUOTE]Jonathan HORYN wrote:
we want to send the same email to approx. 120 contacts in our CRM
It is possible to send the same email to several contacts from CRM.

1. Create an e-mail template
CRM > Se ttings > E-Mail Templates
2. Filter contacts as required in the Contacts list page and sele ct the 'Send message' option at the actions bar below the list.
CRM > Contacts.  
3. Choose the e-mail template in the message creation form and send the e-mails. They will be delivered individually (recipients will not see each other's addresses).
Images in wiki page not displaying, images, wiki
This error has been already fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Incorrect time/date format, Error when adding event
There is no such feature yet. I've added your request to or ToDo list. Thanks.
Company Structure, Multiple Supervisors
The company structure and subordinates are used in tasks, access rights, business processes, work and worktime reports, so it is quite important to set subordinates correctly. Which director of two or three should accept the employee leave request, confirm his/her changed working time etc? There should be some rules and settings for specifying what each supervisor can do.

It might suit your purpose to create 3 departments (blocks in the tree) in the hierarchy - one with the 'top' supervisor only, below that one with the 'second' only, and below that the third with the other supervisor and the actual employees.  This would at least provide some conformity in the task and reporting system, among other places.
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
We are working on this. An option like this will be added in May or so.
Change instance URL
For the Professional plan, you can use your own domain name at any time. For others, we do not alter the instance name.

If you need to register a new Bitrix24 instance with the same e-mail address, you should contact our Helpdesk to "clear" it.
Contacts, sorting contacts and search fields

1) There is no such filter now, but we are going to add this functionality in a few months or so.  

2) There is no filter that will sort by that criterium, but you can solve the problem using access rights management. You give your team members access to view (or edit) "All" contacts (and leads, etc.). This is done using the 'roles' in the CRM - there's more information [url=]here[/url].

It is also possible to set the 'Available to everyone' option during the importing. Please look through the example of a csv file that can be found at the import page.

3) You should add your employees calendars to favorites. Find more info on the issue at the [url=]training course[/url]. Employees need to make their calendars available, and then you can add them to your favorites.
A business process to update a field with a sum of two other fields., A business process to update a field with a sum of two other fields.

This is possible and it recognizes "+".
You should enter "=" before the expression.
For example:
Managing email notifications
I'll check the issue and pass your request to the development department.
Responsible person when importing records and how to mass assign, import, companies
Unfortunately, there is no tool for mass assigning companies to a responsible user.

I've add your request to the development department. We'll add this functionality.
Tasks templates
Yes, your task can be solved now using this method only.
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Fredrik, Thanks. We will take into account your request.
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Hi Calvin,

For sure this won't be ready this Spring, we'll probably start working on it in the early summer.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products

Please make sure that you add events to the Bitrix24 calendar on your Mac, but not to a default Mac calendar.
Mobile Apps & CRM
Hello dear clients and thanks for your feedback.

We are going to add CRM functionality to the mobile app this April or so. Viewing photos will be also possible some time soon.
Unfortunately, we aren't ready to release the offline mobile app yet.
Selecting people within structure for a new task, Selecting people within structure when creating a new task within a group
Do you have you trainees who have already accepted the invitation to your Bitrix24 instance?  When I tried to repeat the scenario, I checked the "Duplicate the task and choose multiple responsible persons" box.  The options in the "Change Responsible Persons" shows the department head and all the members of the department EXCEPT those which have not yet accepted an invitation to the intranet itself.  You must click on each trainee, but the entire group is listed under the department, so it is pretty fast.
Move employee to extranet user
The issue is being discussed at Helpdesk.
Move employee to extranet user

We considered this feature, but there are content handling issues and we do not have it implemented. It is only possible to transfer extranet users to the company; intranet users have to be dismissed and invited (using a different email) to the extranet.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
Dear all,

This topic holds descriptions of several bugs, and when you write: "I Have the same" and do not describe it,  I actually do not know what exactly error you mean.
We are working on solving bugs, most of the errors with dates in calendars have been already fixed.

[QUOTE]Ralph Tsai wrote:
I've cre ated events in my google calendar and bitrix calendar changed my end date and times to the next day causing my events to be all out of sync.[/QUOTE]I've checked the issue. I didn’t manage to repeat the problem. Could you please describe what settings of timezones you have in your profiles (Bitrix24 and Google) and what is your current timezone. We will wait for details in a support ticket.

[QUOTE]Antwon Davis wrote:
I've scheduled tasks and tried to assign events to the calendar, but the calendar and date system keeps malfunctioning.[/QUOTE]
Do you mean that tasks are shown in calendar with incorrect dates? Please also clarify your timezone settings in a support ticket.

Thank you.
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
Hello David,
Thanks for the feedback. I'll answer to your issues in turn:
[QUOTE]We need each user to default to the custom view created by the administrator.[/QUOTE] We are aware of this feature need. We are working on it.
[QUOTE]Tabs do not appear to be working. [/QUOTE]I checked the issue. The current template of CRM entities editing form doesn't show tabs. I passed information to the development department.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
[QUOTE]They do not want paragraph address blocks. Plus we need to be able to filter by state, zip, city, country.[/QUOTE] I've also passed your request to the development department.
Site export, HTML Export of Bitrix Intranet
Please check if the 'Use in contacts export' option is checked in the contact editing form.
Incorrect time/date format, Error when adding event
We are already working on date/time format settings adding. This feature will be available this Spring.
Bitrix API, Documentation
A lead name
There are technical barriers to providing versions in additional languages, but this is a long-term goal of ours. It is unlikely to come out before the second half of 2013.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
We' ll fix this error. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
I cannot reproduce the error in Chrome as well. What parameters are set for the recurring event?
Major Problem with the Calendar, please help
This has been fixed. And I didn't manage to reproduce the described error. Would you please create a ticket in the [url=]Helpdesk[/url] and explain the issue in details. What parameters are set for the recurring event?
importing deals, contacts, companies etc., how to link previously imported contacts or companies
When you import deals and want to bind them to contacts, make sure that the contacts already exist in the CRM. During the import process the system tries to bind deals to contacts, so if there is no such contact in CRM, of course a deal won't be bount to anything.  (A contact won't be created authomatically).
If you still have any difficulty with the issue please contact our Helpdesk and attach an example of a csv file you use.
[QUOTE]for flexibility it would be great if the "binder" field could be assigned yourself.[/QUOTE]
In the 2nd step of the import procedure it is possible to map deal fields and fields in the csv file.
What you need to know about Document Libraries: Network Drive
Each library (user, groups and shared documents) has to be mapped individually.
importing deals, contacts, companies etc., how to link previously imported contacts or companies
yes, please try this
importing deals, contacts, companies etc., how to link previously imported contacts or companies
This is the First Name+Last Name fields value.
Road Map & Change Log
Thanks for the feedback. Currently we do not have a single place for describing coming or released updates. We post some useful information about features here at the forum or in our blog. But we do not cover fixed bugs. We'll consider this suggestion and probably make the history and the road map available.
importing deals, contacts, companies etc., how to link previously imported contacts or companies
Yes, it is possible to import deals and contacts and bind them to contacts and companies, respectively.
To do this, you should enter the full name of existing contacts and companies to the csv file.
iCloud, iPad and Calendar
[QUOTE] but cannot get native iPad/iPhone events onto Bitrix calendar.[/QUOTE]
Events added to iPad/iPhone are bound to the default calendar of the device. After synchronizing Bitrix24 and iPad/iPhone, a new calendar on your device is created and existing events do not move there authomatically. You should edit these events and change their calendar.

[QUOTE]I have tried to sync with iCloud and only get error[/QUOTE]
Bitrix24 calendars do not support synchronization. I've sent your inquiry to the development department.
dating tasks and having them appear on the Bitrix calendar (this is not a calendar sync problem), Setting Tasks to appear correctly on My Calendar
Regarding the tasks displaying in a calendar. When the task is created with the end date specified (without the start date), then this task is added to this date into calendar to remind that you should finish it by this time.
We will think over the tasks with the start date displaying.

What about the incorrect date of events, this issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
After saving account parameters, please edit it and enable SSL via the 1443 port.
Xero Integration, Adding integration to cloud based accounting
We do not have plans to integrate Bitrix24 with the accounting software now.  We will return to this question later.
Bitrix24 FAQ
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Android

Since Android-based systems don’t have support CardDAV and CalDAV protocols by default, connection via this technology is not possible.

There are applications in the Android Market which facilitate connection. In this case, you’ll need to show the path to the calendar in Bitrix24, which will look something like: https://<your_company><your_login>/calendar/2/. The exact path can be found under the “Mobile Connection” button beside the calendar grid in Bitrix24.

However, Google calendars can be connected and synchronized without additional software. Consequently, a Bitrix24 calendar can be synchronized with Google, which is in turn used to synch with an Android device.

To set up this type of synchronization, there are two steps: connect a Google calendar with Bitrix24, and then connect the Android device to this Google calendar.

To connect to Google, perform the following actions in Bitrix24:

1. On the Bitrix24 calendar page, in the Add menu, choose the ‘external calendar (CalDav)’ option.

2. Follow the instructions, entering the required dat a:

-Calendar name;
-Address for connecting to the external calendar:
- User name and password to connect to the Google calendar (for your Google account)

To configure the connection between the Google calendar and an Android device:

1. Open Settings on the device and to the Accounts and sync tab.
2. Choose Add Account.
3. Choose Google Accounts as the account type.
4. Enter the email and password of your Google account.
5. Choose Sync Calendar – Done.

Synchronization of calendars is automatic and bi-directional.
Bitrix24 FAQ
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products

Users of Bitrix24 may connect the service’s calendars to their Apple device (Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone) and implement two-way sync. That is, when events in the Bitrix24 calendar are added or changed, these changes are displayed on the Apple device, and vice versa.

Also, users can add all the contacts to their devices and find data about any colleague at any time. This is one-way integration, that is, contacts are loaded to the device from Bitrix24, but cannot be loaded to it from the device. If a contact profile has changed, or if new contacts have been added, the information will be correspondingly upd ated in the device.

Calendar synchronization
  1. On your device, click Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars&Accounts.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Select Other > Add CalDAV Account.
  4. Specify your Bitrix24 address as server (<your_domain> Use your login and password.
  5. A secure connection to domains is required, so indicate https protocol via port 1443 in the Advanced Settings of the CalDav account.
Your calendar will appear in the default Calendar application on your device.

Contact synchronization

  1. Click Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars&Accounts.
  2. Click Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars&Accounts. Click Add Account.
  3. Select Other > Add CardDAV Account.
  4. Specify your Bitrix24 address as server <your_domain> Use your login and password.
  5. A secure connection to domains is required, so indicate https protocol via port 1443 in the Advanced Se ttings of the CardDav account.
Contacts will appear in the default Contacts application on your device.
Bitrix24 FAQ
CRM: Reports

Reports are one of the most important parts of the CRM system, since it is reports that allow prognosis and analysis of all work with clients and, in turn, optimization client interactions at individual stages or systematically.

Bitrix24’s CRM has a report builder for all types of CRM elements (leads, deals, contacts, companies). Using this tool, you can create customized reports which provide insight into critical processes. The CRM includes 8 standard reports, as well. You can use these reports as they are or as templates for customized reports.

To work with CRM reports, navigate to the page CRM ->Reports (Image 1). Available reports are visible here. If no reports are created yet, a button will offer to launch a wizard that creates the standard reports.
We will not discuss the standard reports. You can get familiar with them in your Bitrix24 instance.

Here we will look at the report builder (Image 2).

When creating a new report, you need to name it and indicate a reporting period (e.g. week or month).

The Columns section configures the reports columns:
  • The Calculate column option lets you show a value in the report that is calculated using other values. This could be a sum or a count of unique values in the column.
  • The arrow buttons let you modify the order of the columns in the resulting report.
  • To change the name of a column or to delete it, use the control buttons to the right of the column name. (Image 3). Note: for data types that show numbers, you can display the value as a percentage using the % control button (Image 4).
  • The Add button adds a new column to the report.
The Filter section allows filtering parameters in the report:
  • The + and allow adding additional conditions to the filter or deleting an existing condition. When multiple conditions are entered, a drop-down list appears which allows you to choose the limitations of the results in the report according to all, or any subset of the chosen conditions (Image 5).
  • The and/or button builds the condition tree (Image 6). In the above example of building a report, the following conditions are applied:
    (Responsible person = Alex Boston and Deal stage = Closed Won) or (Responsible person = Ian May and Deal stage = Closed Won). Note: the level of ‘nested’ conditions is arbitrarily limited to 4 levels in order not to complicate the interface.
  • The Change filter in reports option lets you change applied conditions in the filter panel and change them directly while viewing the report.
  • Using the Maximum items option, you can limit the number of items which show up in the report.
The report builder allows reports to be previewed (Image 7).

Data in the report changes in real time depending on changes in the CRM. Each user can build reports and see results corresponding to all the CRM items to which he or she has access.

By default:

Managers (Sales managers) can build reports based on their own activity.

Department heads see reports which include all the activity of their subordinates.

Chief Executive and Administrator roles see all applicable CRM data in reports.
Bitrix24 FAQ
CRM: adding custom fields

In the forms for creating various CRM elements (leads, contacts, etc.), you see the standard fields which can be filled out or edited and contain the basic information concerning the element (1.png).

Since every company will need additional fields which are specific to its business, there is a simple system for adding custom fields.

Opening the Custom Fields page (CRM->Settings->Custom Fields), you are shown the various element for which new fields can be created (2.png).

The following data types are available for custom fields (3.png).

For example, I’ll add a custom field of the Bind to Information block elements type to a deal; this will let me link to a file in a specified Bitrix24 document library. Below, I’ve chosen Common documents (4.png).

Now when a deal is added or edited, a link directly to the contract can be given (5.png), and when viewing the deal, the link to the contract is visible. The user’s access permissions to the document itself will determine whether the link can be followed and whether the file can be edited.
Bitrix24 FAQ
CRM: Integration with Send&Save

You probably know that the CRM allows you to send out emails to contacts, companies and leads individually and in bulk (1.png).
Such correspondence is saved as an event in the given CRM element, whether it is a lead, company, or contact.

Send&Save is an additional feature of Bitrix24 which allows emails that are sent between contacts and sales personnel using their usual email clients (e.g. Outlook) to be logged as an event simply by sending a copy of the email to the CRM.

Suppose you are writing an email to a new client from your personal or your business mailbox. Using Send&Save, you can add the message to the client’s CRM record without ever having to open the CRM.

Configuring Send&Save in the CRM is done on the Settings>Send&Save Integration page.

Create a new POP3 mailbox and fill in the fields (2.png).

Send the message to the CRM.

For messages to be added to the CRM (3.png), they should be sent or CC’ed to the CRM email address. Messages in the mailbox set up for the CRM will be processed and added to the proper CRM element according to the following rules:
  1. A sales team member sends an email to a client and copies the CRM. The message will be added to all elements which contain the email address of the client.
  2. If a message is sent to the CRM with an expression in the subject line that can be resolved by the system as per the “Resolve Entity Using the Expression” field, then the message will be added to the specified CRM element. For example, [LID#48] will go to the Lead with the ID number 48, and [DID#88] will be added to Deal 88.
Messages received are added to the CRM every 5 minutes.
Bitrix24 FAQ
What you need to know about Document Libraries: Ways to share files in Bitrix24

There are a few methods for sharing files in Bitrix24:
  1. Attaching a file to a post in the Activity Stream

    To attach a file to a message in the Activity Stream (Image1), enter the recipients (the default is set for everyone) and click the paper clip to open the file upload interface. Upload a file or files by dragging them fr om your file manager onto the upload interface or by clicking on the interface and browsing to the file(s). After the file is uploaded, you will be able to choose wh ere it should be saved (in the message itself, in your personal files, in a group or in Shared Documents).

    When the message is sent, each addressee receives notification via Instant Messenger and the post will appear in the Activity Stream only of addressees. Access to the message itself and the attached file will be granted only to users shown in the To: field. After the message is sent, users can view the file and discuss it directly in the Activity Stream. If the file is saved in a document library, discussion can likewise go on in the document’s detail page.
  2. Uploading a file to a document library

    A document uploaded to a document library (personal, group, or Shared Documents) will be visible in the Activity Stream for users who have access to the given file.

    The item in Activity Stream can be bookmarked, subscribed to, commented upon, or liked (Image2).
  3. Sending a link to a file

    If a document is already located in a library and you need to point it out to a colleague, you can either send a message from the Activity Stream and attach the file via the “sel ect document from library” link in the upload interface (Image 1), or a link to the document can be obtained fr om the action button in the library and sent (Image 3).
Files can also be attached to tasks, meetings, work reports and CRM elements.
Bitrix24 FAQ
What you need to know about Document Libraries: Network Drive

Any individual document library or folder in a library of Bitrix24 may be set up to be accessible locally on a user’s computer as a network drive (Image 1).
A new disk appears in the list of network drives (Image 2, left-hand side). You can work with this folder and the files in it through a file manager like Windows Explorer. Access rights (read, write, deleting) are granted in accordance with the access rights of the document library.
The content of documents added or edited via this network drive connection are immediately indexed in Bitrix24, so it will appear in search results.
Disks can be set up in the main operating systems in use (Windows, MacOS, Linux). Simply click the Network Drive button located at the top of the document library and follow the instructions provided.
Instructions for connecting a network drive differ according to the operating system and browser which you use.
Bitrix24 FAQ
What you need to know about Document Libraries: Search

Bitrix24 performs search on the content of various types of document files (docx, doc, pdf, xls, ppt…). Indexation of these files is performed immediately after upload to a document library (Image 1).

Each type of document library (personal, group and Shared Documents) has a filter on the right; filters can be saved and re-used (Image 2).

In group libraries, an Advanced Search feature is available which allows search by date or date range (Image 3).
Bitrix24 FAQ
What you need to know about Document Libraries: Shared files in the personal library

A user can place private files into the personal library and they will not be visible to other users. In addition, there is a ‘Shared files’ folder present in each user’s personal library. By placing files into this folder, they become accessible to other users (Image 1).

Read access is granted to files inside the Shared Files folder (Image 2).

Each user can change the access rights to the Shared files folder. Groups or other users may be granted write access, for example.
Bitrix24 FAQ
What you need to know about Document Libraries: 3 types of libraries

Bitrix24 offers three types of file storages which differ by their location, not by functionality.

The Shared Documents (Image 1) is a separate section for storage of and collaboration on general documents and files (like policies, directives, and standard forms for printing) which are available universally. The users have access to this library according to settings which can be configured as needed. It is also possible to give special access settings to individual files, that is, each document can have its own unique access settings, so some users can only read, others can edit, etc.

Personal files (Image 2) is a file storage area in each user’s profile. Access to this file storage and to individual files or folders within it can be determined by the user.

Group Files (Image 3). Each project group or workgroup has its own document library. In library’s settings, access permissions for reading, editing, and creating documents are set according to the role of the group member.

Note: If a user does not have access to a document library where a file is located, but is granted access to that document via the document’s individual access settings, the document’s detail page will be accessible.
Bitrix24 FAQ
Workgroups. Extranet.

Extranet is a web zone inside your Bitrix24 instance created so that company employees can productively collaborate with authorized users from third parties such as clients, suppliers, or partners.

The extranet is based on the workgroups. External users are invited to a workgroup, communicate with the workgroup members and are allowed access only to that workgroup and their own profile.

For example, web studios can create a separate workgroup that is available in the extranet for each project, invite clients there, discuss the project, store related documents and media files, manage tasks, schedule events, and so on.

Each Extranet workgroup is divided among employees and outside users. The activity stream in the group’s main page shows the workgroup’s events. Employees who are members of the Extranet group will see its activity in the main Activity Stream, noted as coming from the Extranet. Extranet users will see the activities of the workgroup(s) in which they are members. IM messages can be sent to and from Extranet users, but only by employees who are members of the given Extranet group. Furthermore, tasks from the extranet group are listed and marked clearly in each employee’s personal task section.

To begin work with the extranet:
  1. specify that the group is available in the extranet in its settings (this can be done with a new or with an existing workgroup)
  2. invite external users by sending them messages via e-mail
  3. participants can follow the link from an invitation and immediately create their own password, fill in their user profile, and start working inside the group to which they were invited
Bitrix24 FAQ
Workgroups. New group creation.

To create a new workgroup:

  1. Choose the Group item from the drop down list of the Create button or the Create Group button in the Workgroups&amp>All Workgroups page.
  2. When the group creation form opens, enter the group name and description, specify if the group is visible to all users and if it is public.
    Visible to all means that the group is visible to all users who have an active account in your Bitrix24 instance. Otherwise, the group will be visible only to its members and users with administrative access to your intranet instance.
    Leave the Public group option unchecked if you require membership pre-moderation.
  3. Specify what features should be available in the group in the second tab of the form. Features can be enabled/disabled and access to them can be set at any time after the group is created.
  4. Invite users to the group in the third tab. Group Invitations will be sent to users via the instant messenger and users won’t become group members until the invitation is accepted.
  5. Specify keywords and who can invite users to the group in the fourth tab.
  6. That is all. Save settings and begin collaboration with colleagues.
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