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Company Structure
This is a great post Ann!

Using the features that Company structures provides.. would I be able to do the following inside Bitrix24 as an admin, or would I need some custom coding?

For the following features: Efficiency report, Absence chart, Time tracker, Reporting, is it possible to:

1. According to the company structure, the head of the department can only see his dependents and all employees of sub-department, he is managing.
2. In the department’s filter, the head of the department can only see departments and sub-departments that he/she is managing. Not every single department of the company.
3. For the members of Management Board, we would like to leave every single function, ability to see all the employees and all the departments.
Edited: Al Romano - 11/09/2013 01:40:44
Recurring Tasks, Seeing Task on Calendar
Hey Ann,

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out recurring task logic.

So from reading what you wrote down, if I understand correctly, to create a recurring task I:

Create task and set the date for the duration of the day? Then mark it as recurring and it will repeat daily?

What if I was looking for a task that only repeats every monday?
Suggestion: can we have expanded Calendar views i.e. year view, custom date range?, Suggestion that additional Calendar views be added to assist with events planning and easier viewing of events & tasks over longer timeframes
A similar system which already employs this idea is Uservoice, Along side Bitrix24, I use Uservoice to handle several companies' support systems.

It would be great using UserVoice's custom service hooks to integrate them into the Bitrix24 cloud/self-hosted system. You could easily then use the highest voted ideas and turn them into deals / leads with the ability to pull information from the UserVoice account into contacts.

I always recommend both services when trying to help companies and businesses streamline their organizational methods and it would be really nifty to see some integration.

Conversely I'm sure you can use the Ruby hook system UserVoice created (linked above from github) bundle what you need safely to let them add Bitrix24 into their product.

Several other CRM solutions which I don't use regularly have included UserVoice to handle support, ideas and knowledge base aspects. I feel it would put Bitrix24 at a great advantage as a CRM solution to also at least consider Uservoice as an option.

I would easily justify upgrading to a paid version with this level of integration was included. :)
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