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Display Sales Funnel/Report on an external site, Bitrix Stats in external site/intranet
Hi Yana,

I think it would be better if you could have a link to the sales funnel that could be displayed on an external site, the same would be helpful for any report on the system, something like a share link, that allows iFrame maybe.

WRT to using REST API, I could not find functionality in the documentation for viewing a part of the application such as a report or the funnel, what part of the API would I use?

Thank you
Display Sales Funnel/Report on an external site, Bitrix Stats in external site/intranet
Thank you for the feed back, but the REST API, as far as I can tell, is a little to advanced for what I need, all that I need is the ability to display the sales funnel on an internal, i.e. on the company network, webpage.

Any thing to do that?
Changing quote template
Ok I have played with the quotes, what I would like to do now is actually shift the location of some of the fields on the quote layout, and if possibel, a page break our two?  Maybe even adjust the column sequence or hide one or two.
Edited: Rhys Gottwald - 12/03/2014 12:03:10
Display Sales Funnel/Report on an external site, Bitrix Stats in external site/intranet
Hello all,

  I am creating a dashboard for internal use only.  It is a web page coded in asp.Net/VB.Net  To this end I would like to display the sales funnel for Bitrix, and maybe even a few other stats from Bitrix on this dashboard.  Is there any way that I can do this?

Deals Report Field
Hi, I would like a report of all won deals and their sources, but when I look at deal reports and try add a lead field, source is not there only source information.  Is this like this for a reason?
Emails not sticking to the templates
Hi Yana, I went back in to the template and upped the size of the font, and I am still receveing the same email excpet now there signature is showing.

Below is the BB Code.  Please not that the font is also not being applied.


Emails not sticking to the templates
Hi all, attached are two images of an email that I am sending from Bitrix24.

The first is how it is displayed in Bitrix24 and the second is how it arrives.  Can anyone help me fix this as I would love to start sending emails from Bitrix but I am not sending the out come to my customer.

[IMG][/IMG] or

[IMG][/IMG] or


BUG in calendar for outlook
Hi All,

  I am using Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.1 with Outlook Connector or Mdeamon, All my users are finding that they are constantly being asked to log into Bitrix24 calendar, especially when they hit Send Receive.

CRM Ribbon
Hi Yana, for us, a lead is something like, "I may be interested in a printer, please come and see me." or "Hey I heard ABC trading is looking for a printer, why not go see them."  Once the lead is qualified and we start working on a quote, then we convert to a deal, but for us this is what we call a prospect.

I know it would be different across different organisations but that is the way we do it, that is why I am saying if you look at the ability to rename the icons in the top ribbon that would be nice.

The Icons I am referring to are the ones along the top.  We do not use the invoicing section at all and seldom use the quote section, I know that if a user has not got rights to the section the icon is hidden, but as an administrator, these icons do not hide for me.  And when working on a laptop the leads and report Icon's fall under the more section.  A minor annoyance, but a nice to have.
CRM Ribbon
Is there was a way to
[LIST=1][*]Hide icons not needed, even though you have access to them.[*]Rename buttons, e.g. we don't talk about deals, rather prospects.
[/LIST]Thank you
Salesperson Activity and Sales Goals
If there was a way to set activity goals for sales people that would help for managers oversight.  Being abel to set goals on a sales basis, i.e. target sales for the year/quarter/month would also help with motivation.
If a dashboard could be created for sales people to see graphs of their performance, e.g. closed deals, value of closed deals and maybe their pipeline this would be fantastic.  Also if these dash boards could be used for managers to see how their staff is doing, e.g. closed deals for their department.

I realize that this information is available in the reports section, but a dashboard holding 3 or 4 graphs would have far greater impact.
Phone Remiders
The mobile application would be ten time more effective than it already is if reminders and notifications from Bitrix24 could be displayed as a phone notification much the same way a text message or calendar reminder is currently.
Leaderboard, Sales Leaderboard
Agreed a leader board on closed sales would be great.  This is a great motivational tool for the sales people, firstly to sell and secondly to to keep their deal and leads up-to-date.
Remove WorkFlow task
I was playing around with workflow and BP's and I assigned myself a more information request, but there is a list in there that is required but I left it empty, so I cannot close the Work Flow.  Can you help me with this.
Business Process - When Changed
I got it, works for me 100%

[LIST=1][*]Create a custom field called "current deal stage."[*]Configure filed this to pull the deal stages from CRM[*]Create a BP that executes on deal change[*]First step is to create a condition that checks to see if your custom field, current deal stage, is the same as the deal stage[*]If it is do nothing[*]If it is not run your workflows[*]The last step is to update the custom field to be the same as the deal stage.
[/LIST]Job done
Business Process - When Changed
Is there a way to write the value of a variable to a form field?  I even via PHP?

Business Process - When Changed
If there was some way to get the value of a field when the document is opened then your point above allowing us to run a BP from with in another BP is perfect.
Business Process - When Changed
That is perfect, just what I need, and for a few more BP's I want to write, I just need to know now, how do I figure out in a BP what has changed?
Mobile app notification
Is there a way that a notification can display in the phones notification?
Business Process - When Changed
I guess there would be away to do it if there was to store the values saved in a variable and then compare it to what is being saved.  I can figure out most of it, just how do I find out what value is saved in the record when the record is opened?
Business Process - When Changed
Ok let me rephrase this,is there away to to run a BP only if a specific field changes?
Running a Business Process on a schedule
Is there a way to run a business process on a schedule instead of only when a document is opened or changed?
Business Process - When Changed
I have a BP that triggers when a deal is changed and then based on the status it emails the supervisor a specific email  Now I am not sure if this will happen every time something on the deal changes or will it trigger only if the status changes?
Changing quote template
Is there away to change the quote layout?
Sending email
Is the image embedded?
Business Process - Notify Superior
How do I set a BP to notify a responsible persons superior or department supervisor?
Sending email
[LIST=1][*]How do I change the font of the emails send to a customer?[*]Can I embed a image that is our email signature, or our company logo into the email
Mobile app notification
Is there a way to set the mobile app to
[LIST=1][*]Give a notification when an activty comes due[*]Allow the user to email or call from the app.
Sales administrator
If I have a sales administrator that arranges a meeting on a lead or deal that is already assigned to a responsible person and she enters this appointment into Bitrrix24, in whose calendar will this display?
Individual emails with own domain
I have have a domain, but our MX record points to, when setting up my own domain in Bitrix24 what effect, if any will this have on the process?

Secondly, if I do this, when a user sends an email from Bitrix24 what will the from address be, their own email address or the default one?
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