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bitrix24 for windows: Keep local files option, Mark the local files as deleted instead of deleting them from the computer
I would like to have the option (in bitrix24 for windows) to keep files that are deleted in the drive on my pc.
Maybe it would be possible to add a option where deleted files are not deleted from the pc but simply marked as deleted.

For example if a employ by mistake deletes a file on the company drive that it doesn't automatically get deleted from everyone's pc folder.
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Good to hear,

In that case as soon as i get my colleges to use bitrix24 you will have a new customer :).
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Hi Yana, thanks for your reply.

I agree that Bitrix is offering a awesome service for free.. and in no way am i complaining about the free service you provide.
We are a very small company with only 3 employees (me included). And 100$ a month is a little steep, however if by paying that fee i can be rest assure that my data is safe and that when something happens i can rely on bitrix24 to rollback my data i guess its worth it. I have looked at alternatives that do provide rollbacks for a fee but they just don't have all the features bitrix24 has or charge a lot more for there product.

Now my biggest concern is if you guys more flexible to paying customers.
For example if i would lose my email and password and no longer would be able to access my account.
Would you guys say:
A: sorry there's absolutely nothing we can do, sure we can verify your identity by phone and asking for information like last invoice number etc. but we don't do that because its not in out company policy.
B: sure we can help you its not in out policy but if you can send us a copy of your passport and additional information to verify you identity we can change the email and password of your account so you have access to it again.

Sorry for being a bit of a pain in the ass, but i have worked with company's that work like robots any lack any form of empathy towards their customers.
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Good to hear Mario.

Yana i fully understand that work costs money.
Let me rephrase my question.
If a free user loses all his data due to his own mistake, and he contacts support, support will say "there is absolutely nothing what so ever we can do, i guess your just screwed. You should have taken a payed plan" ?
Or would you offer a restore for a certain fee?
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Cant help but love bitrix24, however losing data is bad, its bad if you lose private data sure, but company data is ones worse nightmare.
Would love to know the outcome Mario.

Other question:
As a free user, when i lose data and its 100% my fault. Is it possible to restore it if i pay you guys?
Or just a suggestion let us pay you 15$ or so a month for some extras and support?

What im trying to say is im sure that most people using bitrix24 would not mind paying a few $ a month for some extra service and support.
However the gap from 0$ to 100$ is a little to big IMO.
Backup and restore question, What if the worse happens
Lets say the worse that can happen happens.
Someone hacks my bitrix account, changes the login and email information and deletes all data stored in the account.

Will my account be lost for ever? Can you verify my identity over phone and change the email back and send me a new password?

It is possible to rollback all data (as in restore all deleted data)? and how much would this cost?
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