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Group tasks in calendar, Is there any way to view tasks other than my own in a calendar?
Thank you, Yana.

As a workaround to this, is there a way to assign a task with multiple responsible persons? That way the tasks would show up on their calendar and on mine.


Leo Santos
Group tasks in calendar, Is there any way to view tasks other than my own in a calendar?
Forgive me if this has been addressed. I promise I conducted a search and did not found my exact query.

I'm evaluating Bitrix24 with a select few employees before deciding on a plan and deploying it to the entire group. The single most important feature I'm looking for is the ability to see the entire group's tasks on a calendar, in any way, shape, or form.

I'm an owner and administrator with full privileges to everyone's calendars. However, right now, the only tasks I've managed to be able to see on my Workspace Calendar are my own. I have added employee calendars as favorites, but that seems to only cover events. I don't see any way to add their "My Tasks" calendars as favorites so I can view them within my own (is there a way?)

Even though all tasks have me as observer and the vast majority are created by me, they still don't appear on even my own MY Tasks calendar. I've tried adding me as a participant to tasks, but they still don't appear on my own My Tasks calendar or in the Group calendar. Only in the calendar of the person listed as Responsible.

Oddly, even when I click on Employees, then on an employee calendar, I still can't view their tasks. Only their events calendar. And their My tasks" calendar doesn't seem to offer a permissions tab at all.

I understand I can view all tasks under the Tasks tab as either a list or Gantt chart, but that has limitations to what our intent is.

Is there a workaround to this? Any way whatsoever to see tasks other than my own on a calendar? If not, a Group Calendar that shows Tasks in addition to Events would be a fantastic addition.
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