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Knowledge Management
Hey Yana,

I managed to install the environment manually.. After I have done the steps as stated in the installation guide.. I came up with the following errors:
See the image attachment below.

Note that I have not installed the  Bitrix Virtual Appliance VMware Edition. Is that causing an issue ?

Kindly, please help to proceed so as I get the e-Learning and Idea Management features :)
Thank you.


Knowledge Management
Dear Yana,

Following to your advise, I attempted to download the self hosted version. Unfortunately, when I launch the installation, it says that the setup files are corrupted and get a new copy of the software. What is wrong with the software that I've downloaded ?

Knowledge Management
Hello Yana,

Thanks for your input. What do you suggest me ? Shall I opt for the self-hosted version considering my business which is related to that of the McDonalds ?

And also, can you please elaborate on how do I use the 3 features, that is eLearning & Idea Management for my company?

Thank you in anticipation.

Knowledge Management
Hello there !

Can anyone explain to me how do I use the features available on Bitrix24 for Knowledge Management of my company ?
My company is similar to that of McDonalds.

Thank you in advance.

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