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Invoices and Quotes - can the layouts be customized?, Like to be able to modify the invoice and quote layouts by changing the order of the fields, etc
Looks like the only things that can be done are editing the field names and assigning a data element to the field. But can the fields be moved around to change the actual layout of invoices and quotes?
Quotes do not merge in the Contact Person, The Contact Person is not included in the output for a quote
Checked the Payment and Invoice for Quotes. The Contact Person field is set to Property and Contact Person. When I output a quote, the Contact Person is not on the output. I confirmed there is a Contact Person in the Quote.

If you set Custom Field 1 to Property > Contact Person then output the quote, the Contact Person appears where the Custom Fields output on the quote.
Emailing Quotes, When emailing a quote, the email is sent to me
The email settings are connected to my gmail account. Sel ect a quote to email. Select a recipient. Send the email. Instead of going to the recipient, the email appears in my inbox, addressed to me and fr om me.
Quote calculations incorrect, When generating a quote, the totals are not output properly
I generated a quote with only 1 line item. The Total column outputs like this:
1 300.00

I'm expecting:

I checked the settings and currency, but nothing I have tried fixes this.
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