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Date of newly uploaded file shows as "yesterday"
Having the same issue. Did this get resolved? Get correct date in tasks, when uploading files though, file date reads as "yesterday" in the Drive folder view. But in Document Properties, gives correct date.
Edited: Lisa Shara - 12/02/2014 04:16:25
Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
I've just started exploring Bitrix as an option for our business - and have come up against the same issue. As a team mostly of independent contractors, we need the capability of altering time tracked, both in adding time that wasn't tracked via Bitrix24, and in modifying time tracked with Bixtrix24 that isn't actually correct. Being able to modify time tracked, and generate reports that show time spent (in detail for each day and task), is essential when doing so is how clients are billed for time spent on their projects, and also for managers to overview how contractors are spending time on particular projects.

I'm using Tsheets currently (great company) for time tracking, but jumping back and forth between two separate platforms isn't nearly as effective as being able to track time, and to be able generate time reports, from within the Bitrix24 environment.

Maybe, as with most relationships, it's too much to expect one service to provide for all key biz needs - in this case all elements needed to keep a business organized and it's team communicating effectively - tracking time is part of that. Moving a biz into a new CMS-CRM-cloud-what-have-you, and educating the entire team on how to use the environment effectively, is a big task and a commitment - that's a big part of why this matters so much so some of us.

For the record, what's been created here, and what's offered at no cost / low cost is phenomenal! Hats off to you for that. I mean seriously, there are likely few among us who could have put this together. I've jumped into the conversation because it's clear that for some biz owners and managers, the time-tracking is essential, and with the thrust of Bitrix24 being collaboration, it makes sense that an efficient time tracking feature should be integrated in. If you didn't think of this as a need, I'm casting my vote that it is.

To conclude, it sounds like developing the time tracking feature (to be able to modify times and to generate the type of reports that have been requested here), isn't a Bitrix24 priority. This leaves me feeling I need to check out other recommended platforms and to do the work of comparing what's offered between each, which I'm not excited about at all -  I'd thought I'd struck gold here to the point of having yakked Bixtrix24 up to people even though I joined less than 24 hours ago. I ended up in here in the forum quickly because I needed to find out how to modify times.

If it's help at all, here's a simple example, different from others offered, of why the feature is key when tracking time on individual client tasks: sometimes we forget to hit pause when tracking time when the phone rings and we take a call pertaining to an unrelated task - in that case we need to be able to add time spent on the task the call [I]did [/I]pertain to, and need to be able to subtract time from the task the call[I] didn't [/I]pertain to by changing the time that task ended.


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