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Add custom fields for employees

Is there a way to add custom fields for the employee profile?  I would like to track date of employment dates, license expiration dates etc.  I would like to save employment contracts for easy access.

Thanks for you help,
Setting up client as employees?
Hi Yana,

Thank you very much for your clarification and quick response! This will save my a bunch of time :)  

I have decided to label my clients as companies in bitrix and label the buyers/sellers that we help as customers.  

I created a test deal in bitrix and added an activity calendar event to the deal.  I was successful in seeing the activity in my bitrix calendar however, how can I make sure the client aka company gets notice of the event?  Ideally I would add an activity and the event would be linked to my client's gmail or ical calendar.

Secondly, I haven't made it into business processes yet but for each deal I will have 3-4 time sensitive deadlines.  I will need to add these custom fields into the deal template but I will need those deadlines to show up on my calendar AND my company's calendar (aka my client's calendar).

Thank you for your time!
Setting up client as employees?
Hello, I am new to Bitrix and learning as I go :)  I am a "virtual assistant" to several real estate agents.  My primary goal for bitrix is to manage projects for each one of these agents.  I will have to add events to their calendar for each project i manage.  Would I need to set my clients/agents up as employees?  Or is there a way that I can add events to a "company"'s calendar in Bitrix?  Thank you for your time.
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