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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?

I'm a new user and I'm testing your product in a small project for now but I'm interested in using it as a project communication management tool.

First of all, congratulation for this very impressive work.

I'd like to give you some functionalities advice :

- As people said before, controlling the task order manually is essential. I noticed that the tasks can be order using a criteria (date / responsible ...) but it is not precise enough. Furthermore, when you switch from tasks list to gant view, you loose the order. (Maybe you can use a drag and drop or a case with a number considering the subtasks : 1 - First task / 1.1 - First subtask ...)

- The task order could be share with other users and the change in it should be limited to administrators of the project.

- The budget part is also important. It could be great to be able to enter a number of work days for each task and even spread it to different groups or specific people. A financial budget can even be useful.

- The task list can also a very good tool to change informations without opening the task detail : ie. if in my task detail I can see the deadline, it can be time saving to be able to change it there.

- The previous task and the starting/end dates are also very used data, integrating those in the quicktask view can be a good thing.

- If you create a drag and drop functionality, it can also be useful to use it to change the task parent.

- In the list or the gant view, an information about the previous task can also be very good (maybe a little arrow at the begining of the line to show the previous task)

- In the Gant view, a possibility of changing the time "zoom" could be great, especially for long term projects

I hope this can be a use for you.
Thanks again for your good work.


Edited: Georges Temime - 09/24/2014 13:02:11
Order of tasks / Subtasks

this topic is very interesting for me.

In fact I found how to order tasks in the list view but in the gant view, I do not understand the logic.

Furthermore, once a view is set is it possible to submit it to all the person in the project ?
For instance, I'm a project manager and I want to submit a planning to the project leader but when he connect, he see something very different.

Thanks for your help.
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