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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Custom Calculated Fields, Ability to create a calculated field based on the entries of other fields
How not?

In the cloud version can be add a custom field for any CRM entity and can be created a business process on changing CRM entity. In the business process can be calculated and updated custom field  value  based on the other fields values.
Adding new tab to CRM activity stream, I'd like to add a "Snail Mail" tab to the CRM activity stream
Hello! Do you have cloud version Bitrix24 or self-hosted?
Business Process, Contact CRM
1) In template parametrs add new variable:


3) before create new lead use activity Set variable

4) In create lead activity use {=Variable:Variable1_printable} - in it will be company name
Customizing tasks view
Karoline Mikkelsen, If you have a self-hosted version Bitrix24, it is quite possible to do.
Золотой партнер Битрикс24, услуги по внедрению и кастомизации.
Field creation in multiple field types, Field creation in multiple field types
B24_2646357, Do you have the self-hosted version or cloud version Bitrix24? In the self-hosted version it is possible - can be written a custom Activiti.
ID Numbers
The many Bitrix entities even have a field for storage external ID - this is XML_ID
Different business processes for leads
It is possible in accordance standard functionality in the self-hosted version and in the cloud. Just at the beginning of business process put a condition that tests the value of its parameter, then in BP will run branch, depending on the condition.
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