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Use of video in wikis?
This would be helpful...even better would be to be able to upload a video to the Bitrix drive and have it embed in the wiki.
Telephony Notifications
In addition to a proper voice-mailbox for telephony (like an area on the screen for voicemail inbox) -

When a missed call, or call history is displayed in the message window, it only gives the digits of the number,it should give the name of the contact record and a link to to their record.

You should be able to listen to the message right out of the call log and even select follow up actions if relevant (like creating a follow up task).
Several Requests
1. An overhaul to the Lead conversion process including. Really important:
[*]the ability to convert custom fields (no matter the field type) from Lead to Deals, Companies and Contacts.
[*]The opportunity to enter more company information in the lead record. For example, we are accustomed to being able to enter Company data such as industry and employee numbers at the lead stage. We have custom fields for this in the lead records, but then have to manually re-enter the data when its time to convert to company.
[*]The ability for business processes to trigger conversions (not just create new records) and/or the ability for the new CRM record to automatically associate properly with other existing CRM records. For example, when we use a business process to make a new deal, we have to manually assign the appropriate Company and Contact after the deal is made.
[*]The ability for business processes to translate information from all types of fields to matching fields. For example, when creating a new deal from a lead record, list fields are able to populate corresponding text fields in the new deal, but are not able to trigger other list fields, even when the list options are identical.
[*]The ability to convert Events from Leads to Deals.
[/LIST]2. Communications:
[*]Screen sharing
[*]More people allowed to conference call
[*]A proper voice-mailbox with notifications for Telephony.
3. Enhanced cloud versions:
[*]idea management
[*]meeting planning
[*]learning modules
[/LIST]4. More intuitive design of wiki sections. In particular, the index page should be able to allow better access to the contents of the wiki.

5. In general, better documentation and training.  The platform is powerful and complex to learn, but the documentation and training is often lacking and/or confusing.  Many times I've found myself unable to find clear answers to some things even after looking through the videos, the course, blog posts and forum posts.  Not only is all of that information scattered about, its sometimes out of date, and is somewhat incomplete even after you piece it all together.  In particular, the resources for learning business proceses is very, very lacking.  There simple isn't information available (that I've found) that covers all aspects of building processes. Also, while tech support is prompt and accurate in their responses, it often feels like the answers given are slightly less than a thorough explanation and are clearly written by someone who has English as a second language...not that that is bad (I love russians!), just that all of these things together make for a tedious and sometimes frustrating experience for someone new to the platform.  I'd suspect a thorough overhaul of your support materials, with non-technical english speaking people in mind as the audience, could cause bitrix to completely explode in the states.  Bitrix has a lot to offer, but the barrier of entry is tough for newbies.

6.  The ability to trigger list views by selecting a filter (I know you can trigger filters when you select a list view, but its easier to hit a filter button than it is to switch list views).

thanks for considering.
Date of most recent activity field
Adding contacts to Deals, Need to add multiple contacts to deal
I would very much like to see this feature added as well.

Keep custom fields converting from lead to deal, Is it possible to keep custom fields (definition and content) in "conversions"?
Hi Yana,

Thanks for your reply.

Thats too bad.  Without this ability, bitrix is useless to us.  I'd like to vote for making this an urgent priority.  While searching your forums, I've seen feature requests for this dating back for years.  I feel confident you have lost a great deal of business over the years without this very basic functionality.  Even if it has not been not been a highly requested feature, you cannot account for the amount of customers that moved away from bitrix as soon as they read threads like this one.  Those types of customers would not have even  bothered to request the feature because they ruled bitrix out from the start.

Furthermore, I was told by helpdesk that it was at least possible to program a business process to accomplish this.  However, after creating such a process I discovered that string fields will work, but there seems to be a bug related to yes/no a, list and number fields converting.  After having invested over a month of time, energy and money investing in Bitrix, hitting this brick wall is frustrating.  I hope a clear commitment for a solution is coming very soon.

Keep custom fields converting from lead to deal, Is it possible to keep custom fields (definition and content) in "conversions"?
Hi Yana,

Any update on this feature?  Like other posters I've seen in the forum, we are also very disappointed that the custom fields made in a lead record do not convert to deal records...
Hosted Email and other email questions
Thanks for your reply, Yana.

I'm either not understanding something or my questions aren't clear.  My understanding is that Bitrix/Yandex allows for a "free email server" and the ability to "use your own domain".   If thats true, how does one migrate from an existing email server situation - not import, but migrate?  In other words, we aren't needing to create NEW email accounts that use our domain, nor are we needing to import, we are needing to migrate existing email accounts from our current email server to a new email server...uproot and move the whole thing.

Let me illustrate:  Right now, our email hosting is bundled with our domain hosting with another company.  But we are moving our domain hosting to a new company.  The problem is, our new website hosting does not do email hosting, so we need to find a new email hosting solution (like google apps or zoho email hosting).  Since we will be losing our email hosting altogether, the email importer isn't the solution we need (there wouldn't be anything to import from) and creating new email addresses is not what we need...the email addresses already exist, and we need to move them to a new email hosting/server situation.

In summary:
My email addresses like "" are currently hosted by another email hosting plan.
That email hosting plan is getting canceled soon.
So, can I MOVE my addresses like "" to be hosted on the bitrix/yandex server instead?  

Does that make sense?

thanks for your help.
How Many Custom Fields Are Possible?

We are considering migrating from another CRM.  How many custom fields are possible in Bitrix?  We have over 100, I think.  Also, is there a migration service offered?

No Drive (or Desktop App) and No Business Processes for Documents
Thanks for your response.

My second question was about business processes in the web interface (not the app).  My understanding is that one should be able to click the actions list and sel ect business processes fr om that list.  But, there is not such option available:

Hosted Email and other email questions
Thank you for you reply:

How would one go about migrating an existing email address from another another email server?
Hosted Email and other email questions
Friendly bump (we're on the verge of migrating several platforms and hoping to get some answers to see if bitrix should be part of that migration).
No Drive (or Desktop App) and No Business Processes for Documents

I've installed bitrix24 desktop for mac, but it doesn't do anything when open - no window, nothing.  Also, many menu items are greyed out.

Also, when clicking on the actions lists for documents in the web interface, there is no option for "business processes".

Am I missing something?

Hosted Email and other email questions
A few questions about email integration:

1)  When prompted to set up email, there is a window that says something like "free email hosting".  Does that mean one can use cloud based bitrix as their email hosting solution?  As in emails that use our companies domain?  I realize there is an option to link our webmail, but my question is whether or not bitrix cloud can BE the webmail hosting solution.

2) I created an email for myself to try it out.  Now, I can't find a way to turn it off to see what the other options might behave like (gmail, our current webmail, etc).     3)(by the way, the return key just quit functioning when composing this post)  When trying out the yandex address above, it does not seem that there is any integration between email and things like tasks, workgroups etc.  Am I missing something?  is there not a way to take an email and turn it inot a task, or associate it with a project/workgroup, move attachments into the company drive, etc?
Edited: DJ Hofer - 10/10/2014 06:14:49
Thanks for the reply.  Is there a clear list available that outlines the differences between cloud and self hosted options?

Is the elearning module available in the cloud version?  I can't seem to figure out how to access it...
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