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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
[QUOTE]John Mazzarella wrote:
I HAVE A POTENTIAL WORKAROUND, though not a great one. If you add a number to each task name, then sort by name. Then if you need to insert a new task, you can edit the name with the number wh ere you want it, then renumber everything after it (annoying I know) it will effectively sort it. You will have to have all other users sort by name also. Really not great, but better than nothing
[/QUOTE]A slight improvement on you workaround would be taking MX records approach. i.e. instead of pefixing your task name with 1, 2, 3,..n+1, use large numbers, say 100,200,300, i.e. 100 increments. then if you need to add a task in between first and second tasks, prefix that task name with 150. This will spare you renaming all task after "squeezing" new task in. Note, I haven't tried it in B24, so I'm not sure how it handles "sorting by name" when name starts with a digit instead of alphabet character.

But I realty do hope that task ordering will be released soon.
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