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Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
[QUOTE]Alan Davidsonwrote:
1000% agree. This is one of a couple very large issues I see with the product.[/QUOTE]

I've seen this posts and I'm little bit afraid...... really after 2 years this features is not implemented?
C of CRM is Customer, if i don't have the way to save my customer in a good format to filter / order etc... I think this is a big problem of the software to solve rapidly.
Detailed address fields, specify country etc.
Hello Yana.
I'm new user / administrator of self hosted version.
I have the same problem like Anthony van de Veen, .

My question is. Can i have at disposal in a new custom fields the same list of countries present in the address creation of new employees?
I think a good solution for the future is standardize the type of fields in the different section of software (in company we have just Adress and legal adress. in the new employee section we have all the field "splitted" and list of country etc....

For me is very important filter the deals by country of the customer

thank you so mush
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