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Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
[QUOTE]Yes, which means the notificatios may not be sent in case they were created by the system - e.g. recurring tasks, notifications. If you have experienced different scenario - please let us now what type of notification hasn't been sent - we'' test it from our side as well. [/QUOTE]
Ok, here is a simple example scenario which I have experienced:

[B]User A[/B] logs-in to Bitrix24 and creates a task for [B]User B[/B] (whom is not logged in), [B]User B[/B] is not notified by email. [B]User A[/B] logs-in a day later and creates a second task for [B]User B[/B] (whom is not logged in), [B]User B[/B] is still not notified by email. A week later [B]User B[/B] decides to log-in to Bitrix24 and instantly receives two email notifications about the two tasks created by [B]User A[/B] a week previous, however the deadline for these two tasks has now passed.
Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
Hi Yana,

Thank you for your response, however I do not believe this is the case.

If what you said is true, then when a user creates a task they are surely active on the site and notifications should be triggered to the applicable users immediately?

The issue is that if someone creates a task for me (for example), I am not notified unless I personally log-in to Bitrix24. It is only at this point that I receive the email notifications I should have received when the task was created etc.. I have run some further tests to back this up.

In theory - I could go on holiday for two weeks and return to find no notifications in my inbox. I would only receive the email notifications applicable to me over this period when I decide to log-in to Bitrix24.

I think Bitrix24 is a fantastic system but I strongly suggest you do what you can to make the notifications dispatch immediately as this is the expected behaviour (business critical) and I think a lot of people will miss important information if they are not notified straight away.
Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
Just a follow up for those experiencing the same issue...

The support team has told me that it is considered correct behaviour to NOT receive email notifications unless you are logged into the Bitrix24 site.

Personally I think this defeats the object of email notifications, as surely their main purpose is to notify the user that they need to visit the site? If you are already logged in, you are probably aware of the activity and do not need to receive an email about it.

I consider this to be a major flaw in the system as staff will simply be unaware of potentially important tasks until they remember to log-in.
Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
I am having the same issue...

I have every checkbox selected under 'configure notifications > advanced mode', however I only receive notifications if I visit our site or am already logged in. Meaning I am missing updates to a task etc.
Frustrating when a right click pops up the Context Menu, Can't right click a company name and open it in a new browser tab! The right click feature pops up a custom Bitrix24 menu
You could always hold down Ctrl + click to open in a new tab, or SHIFT + Click to open in a new window.
Save/Download All Files
We often need to attach multiple files to a task. It would be a great time-saver if you could 'save all' rather than having to save/download each of them individually. This gets rather laborious when you are dealing with a lot of files (20+).

In the case of images, you currently need to view each image in a gallery before downloading the file too, which is an extra few clicks per file.


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