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Hours Reporting, Questions
I went to the Training Course but that doesn't answer my questions.  I'll try be more clear what I'm asking.

If an employee DOES use the time clock but FORGETS to start the timer on a project, is there a way to see time logged for an employee that WAS NOT logged to a project?  Is there a way to easily assign that time to a project?  I don't like that after a break you have to restart your work timer AND the project timer.  If you restart the project timer, shouldn't the work timer automatically restart as well or vice versa?

The other question concerns a pay period type of report.  Is there a way I can create a report to capture everyone's time for a specific range of dates?

Thanks for your help.  I'm trying to learn everything I can before we implement this company wide and the most important things to us are making sure people get paid and tracking costs per task.
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Hours Reporting, Questions
I have two questions and would appreciate help from some more experienced users.  Thanks in advance!

Is there a way to see employee hours that were not assigned to a task?  
Is there a way to see total hours by employee for a certain time period?
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