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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopetswrote:
Can you give more details how you want o use checklist? - so I can include this suggestion to the features requests list. Thank you.
I (and it seems others in this thread) would like a hybrid of the tasks tool and the checklist tool. Something that is easy to quickly add, edit and rearrange tasks (like checklists currently does), but something that allows you to assign ownership of tasks to coworkers and set due dates (like tasks currently does). The gantt view is a good addition, but items in a gantt chart normally show dependance by tasks that must be completed first on top, with subtasks below and indented. As Dylan Satow also pointed out above, this is not currently the case.
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
I've spent some more time with the Tasks tool, and realized that each task, when clicked, has a checklist inside. The checklist is much easier to quickly add, edit and... REARRANGE!

Unfortunately the checklist doesn't allow for indenting, so brainstorming hierarchical lists is still not as easy as something like Workflowy or CheckVist. You must use Tasks to organize larger-scale organization with subtasks/indenting, then go into detail using the checklists inside of a specific task. Still frustrating.

Further, checklist items don't allow for assignment or due dates, etc.
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
My team is moving fr om Asana to Bitrix. Rearranging task orders, indents, etc is something I love about Asana and things like Workflowy. Disappointed that this request has gone on so long without being addressed.

[B]I HAVE A POTENTIAL WORKAROUND,[/B] though not a great one. If you add a number to each task name, then sort by name. Then if you need to insert a new task, you can edit the name with the number wh ere you want it, then renumber everything after it (annoying I know) it will effectively sort it. You will have to have all other users sort by name also. Really not great, but better than nothing

Edit: Looks like you cant resort the gantt chart view, it's stuck showing it in reverse alphabetical order instead of date order? That's not what a Gantt chart is!
Edited: John Mazzarella - 10/30/2014 17:16:47
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