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Custom fields and file uploads in mobile app
Being able to comment on an existing thread from the activity stream with at least a photo from the camera would be an extremely useful feature to the employees out in the field. Currently we can only open a new post with a photo, but all responses are text only (at least in Android version). There are many times when shooting photos back and forth on an existing thread would be essential to make the app really useful when using in the field.
For now we can shoot photos and then upload to computer and then attach to replies.
Upload Failing, Unable to upload workgroup image and unable to upload files
[U]An update:[/U] The upload multiple files applet does work but it misses up to 50% of the files uploaded. The files uploaded completed dialogue shows, but up to half the files did not actually get uploaded. The solution is then to manually go through the list and see which files got 'lost' and then upload them manually. I think its safer and more time efficient to just upload all the files manually one by one... pity.
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