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Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Hi all,

I see you have been discussing the topic for 1,5 years so I am not very positive about a change in politics, but anyway I want to put my weight into the discussion by demonstrating my needs.
I have a client who is about to contract the Cloud Version (Bitrix24). The only point I yet cannot satisfy his needs considers time tracking:
The client is in the consulting business and charges per hour, ergo has to be able to show his client when he worked on which task. So there are two important things:
1. All single entrys of time periods my client has worked on the task need to be shown in a report (also excel export) I understand that as of now, only Total Time worked on a task is shown in the reports.
2. The client (each employee) needs to be able to change date and beginning time of each period he worked on the task

Like in this picture, the second entry for example in reality has been on the 14/10/2014 and started on 16:00, he just didnt have the opportunity to put the information in Bitrix at this time.

Thanks for the consideration,

Screen sharing
Hi Ann,

ist there already a planned date when Screen Sharing will be available? It is very important for our organisation to be able to give remote assistance for users, besides being able to work together on a screen.

Thanks for your quick response.

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