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Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
Hello Marco,
we've developed a similar business-process based approach, tried it a few times but stopped using it. While it worked in theory, it depended on too many variables and can have some unwanted consequences if not done 100% correct. We felt that unless one person is using this feature frequently it is not feasible. Trying to teach multiple people or controlling all things that can go wrong ... too risky for us. Maybe your process is safer but all I can say is that I am still waiting for a feature in Bitrix.

[B]@Bitrix:[/B] All we would need is the option [B]to upload field content to existing records[/B]. Why is that so difficult to implement? Download records, change field content that need to be changed and upload the changes. All done in CSV with UTF8. No problem. Sure a GUI-solution with selection of records and change would be nicer, but at the end a simple upload option that does not create new records would do in my opinion.
Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
Hi Yana, well, that really does not sound like a feasible and secure solution. I can only repeat that bulk changes are far more important than many other features and it would be great if it would move up in the list of future additions. Thanks! Ken
Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
I also need this feature urgently. There are so many use cases for this bulk updating of fields ... can't you suggest a workaround?
Importing activity (past and futute), How do I import past activities associated with leads (and contacts for that matter)
I am looking to create entries in the activity element multiple leads; either I would like to import past activity (like previous campaigns in other tools) without just putting the information in comment or assign a past activity to multiple leads that I have imported; does anyone know how to do this?
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