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Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Please do remember that in some countries we do not need the state-option. In Europe alone we have several diffrent ways to write an address and to make it more fluently you could have system to change the fields depending on country/area. So if I should choose to add an british contact it would be:

Mr. Walter C. Brown
49 Featherstone Street

A french contact:
M. Duval

A spanish contact:
Organismo Autónomio Correos y Telégraphos
Area de Asuntos Internacionales Calle Aduana, 29
28070 MADRID

As you can see there are diffrences in how to write and especially how to remember or say an address. People remember things in chunks and it is much easier to tell you address in one go than to be a spaniard and suddenly asked for the city before the postal code. It would help a lot to be able to fill in the address as it is on a card or speaking in the phone with a lead.

Edited: Chief Web Officer - 03/13/2013 11:40:45
Idea: Syncing/importing from online storage, Being able to sync or import from online storage facilities like google drive, dropbox etc
One thing I would like to be able to in the future would be to sync/move or at least import documents,photos, etc from online storage like dropbox, sugarsync and google drive. sometimes these have better abilities to download a document to several different format of viewing i.e. computer, iphone, ipad and such to be able to work and view it while being offline.

Sometimes I have it online already so to save bandwidth I could import it directly from an external source without having to download it first only to upload it to bitrix.

Another service I would like to connect with would be evernote, download notes and such directly into bitrix would be a killer.

I know you have a lot to work with but this is mostly food for thoughts for future versions of you wonderful solution.

Best Regards

Mobile Apps & CRM
+1 for all of the above!

To be able to use it while for example beeing in flight or outside an area with good mobile connection would be excellent!
Time setting
I see on you help that you can get the time in the setting "HH:MM" instead of pm/am. Where do I do that?

Best Regards
Unable to delete Lead
And now it works with your new update! Incredible how quick you were able to solve it! Thanks a lot! :)

Wish more companies had your support

Best Regards

Unable to delete Lead

Yes the lead was converted. Appreciate that this would be able to delete in the future. One can always make mistakes. ;)

Heres a hopeful that this will be solved soon.

Best Regards
Unable to delete Lead

I'm trying do delete a lead but it seems unable to delete despite several tries. I'm administrator and have even try to do this i administrator mode. What am I doing wrong?
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