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CRM: Integration with Send&Save
Hola Yana,

thank you for your quick reply. Here are my answers:

1. Your answer: "Have you configured CRM>Settings>Email integration?"
- Yes, I am sending emails OUT from CMS. Including the "Service code: add to message body" for CMS to recognize the incoming mails. So when I am sending an email to a Contact from inside CMS, the outgoing email is registered right away under the same Contact. But when I recieve an answer to the mail (including the service code in the message body) the mail is not filed under the Contact in CMS. I only recieve the mail in my Webmail (

2. Your answer: "if you mean desktop app - it is not integrated with CRM or Webmail module, the notifications settings are for Bitrix24 system notifications being sent to your email address (not connected with CRM)"
- This is not a CMS question. I just want to be notified on my MAC when there is a new mail in my inbox. I have this email totally integrated to Bitrix/Yandex:  [][/URL]. Before I got a noticifation on my computer when there was a new mail in the inbox. Now I do not get any email notofications. I have clicked the box for both of these settings in my desktop application:

Receive notifications by:
Website, mobile and desktop apps
E-mail ([][/URL])

I hope you can help - THANK YOU :)

CRM: Integration with Send&Save

I am the only user of Bitrix24 and have set up my email account, aparently correct. Because it was working fine.

This is what is happening now:
- I can send emails from "Contact" in CRM
- When the contact responds my email, CRM does not recognize the email, the mail is only recieved in "Webmail"

Also, my desktop Bitrix24 does not register the incoming mails, I get no notification, even the desktop Bitrix is setup for email notification.

Any idea what can be wrong?

Thank you very much,

Jens Kristian Moller
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