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Email integration for multiple users, CRM/Settings/Send&Save Integration problems

I think this would be really helpful thing to be associated to the individual user, rather than a global address.

While I see the value of having, for example, [][/URL] as the main incoming email people buy from people. It is extremely rare that we get incoming sales enquiries from our global mailboxes. More often than not one of our team have met somebody at an event and they are then contacting direct using the email address on their business cards.

So the options I would suggest are:

[*]A proper integration with systems like Gmail etc whereby emails are sucked into the system and can be selectively associated to a deal and/or project, and are matched to a company/contact based on the incoming email address

[*]If #1 isn't feasible, making the Send&Save settings based on the user object, not on the global configuration - better still set it up automagically if someone logs in with a Google account which has an associated mail account, if the user accepts.
[*]Have an option to make an email private rather than public (or some way to not import the email at all/remove it from Bitrix)
[/LIST]At the moment it is really quite clunky in the way this works - it could be so much more powerful :)

Budget Tracking for Projects, How to track budgeting for projects
+1 for this feature - it would be great to be able to set a per-task and per-project budget (either based on time or based on currency) and see performance to budget.

Associating a workgroup to a company?

How can I associate a workgroup to a company?  Every time we create tasks in the workgroup we have to associate them manually to the company via the 'CRM' link which is time consuming when every task will naturally be related to that company.

I would envisage having a field when you create a workgroup which allows you to select the company/companies who the project relates to.

Notifications in chat rooms
Thanks Yana, I'm sure this would be a hugely popular feature and so many systems have very good, well documented API's that it should be fairly straightforward to support integrations hopefully!

Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Just chiming in that the features being requested here are very critical for us as well!
Recurring invoices
Looking forward to this, if you combine all the posts about recurring invoices it's quite an in-demand feature it seems!

Any updates?

Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals, Feature Request: Recurring Deals for Maintenance Renewals
+1 from me - almost all of our services are recurring in nature.

Content blocks for quotes & extended features
Hi folks,

It would be really great if it was possible to have content blocks which you can save for quotes - we often end up repeating the same things time and again in the text of quotes.

It would also be great to have a larger subset of features - for example being able to use heading tags or font sizes, add a gallery, maybe even add multimedia features?

Notifications in chat rooms
Hi folks,

I really like the embedded chat, but I wondered if there is any way to have webhooks or integrations post into chat rooms?

For example at present we're using Hipchat and we have project-specific notifications pushed into project-specific rooms to keep people updated with what's going on in that project.

Is that something that could be achieved or may be on the table at some point?

Xero Integration, Adding integration to cloud based accounting
+1 for Xero integration, this is a deal breaker for us!
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